Renewable energy


Energy generation is essential for modern life, but relying on fossil fuels to provide it has a high environmental and social cost. A fundamental transition is needed away from a carbon-based economy to a renewable one. That's why we finance solar, wind and hydro energy.

Our vision on renewable energy

We think energy is a basic human need. That means it's something that we need to make sure is generated and used on a sustainable basis for future generations.

The choices we make

We have set priorities about what to finance and how to extend our impact through our activities based on our experience and expertise in these sectors.

Managing and reporting impact

We aim to be a leader in impact-driven reporting in the financial industry. Our focus is on managing impact in ways that improve people’s quality of life and on communicating this impact to our stakeholders.

Other projects we finance in renewable energy

Making impact together

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Impact in different sectors

We finance multiple sustainable sectors. Take a look around.