Food and farming


Organic agriculture avoids using pesticides and chemical fertilisers and helps to revitalise the earth. Organic farming has high animal welfare standards and releases fewer greenhouse gases. As well as being environmentally friendly, organic food is better for a balanced and healthy diet.

Our vision on organic farming and nature development

Our relationship with the soil and the earth requires a systemic perspective. We cannot afford to keep a world view that thinks of agricultural land as the starting point for a limitless process of extraction. Rather, agriculture needs to be seen within the context of a natural system. This system includes nutrients, water, biodiversity, animal welfare and social conditions.

The choices we make

We have set priorities about what to finance and how to extend our impact through our activities based on our experience and expertise in these sectors.

Managing and reporting impact

We aim to be a leader in impact-driven reporting in the financial industry. Our focus is on managing impact in ways that improve people’s quality of life and on communicating this impact to our stakeholders.

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Making impact together

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Impact in different sectors

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