Triodos Bank

Money can change the world

Triodos Bank is a leading expert in sustainable banking. Our mission is to make money work for positive change. We are more than a bank. We are a community. Get to know us and join the movement for change.

Our mission and vision

Our core values

How we make money work for positive change

You can do more with your money

Our approach to banking is different. We work with organisations that contribute to positive social, environmental and cultural change.

What we finance

Triodos Bank is an independent bank

Triodos Bank believes it's crucial that its mission and identity is protected. How we direct, administer and control our work says a lot about our identity. To safeguard our special character and mission we do not have shareholders but Depository Receipt Holders, and are not listed on a stock exchange.

Triodos Bank creates positive, sustainable impact.

Finance change. Change finance.

Our vision on impact reflects our mission. We finance progressive entrepreneurs and influence the banking sector to become more transparent, diverse and sustainable.

We create positive change through lending, investing and giving