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Foundation for the Administration of Triodos Bank Shares

The share capital of Triodos Bank has been entrusted to the independent Foundation for the Administration of Triodos Bank Shares (Stichting Administratiekantoor Aandelen Triodos Bank (SAAT)). To finance the shares, SAAT issues depository receipts. Depository receipt holders benefit from the economic rights associated with these shares, such as the right to dividends, but do not exercise any control related to them. Control rights are vested in the SAAT. In exercising its voting right at the General Meeting of Triodos Bank, the Board of SAAT upholds the following principles:

  • safeguarding Triodos Bank’s mission;
  • safeguarding Triodos Bank’s independence;
  • safeguarding the economic interests of the depository receipt holders, which relates to Triodos Bank’s continuity and profitability, dividends, and the development of the value of depository receipts. The Board of SAAT aims to align the economic interests of its depository receipt holders and Triodos Bank’s mission, for their mutual benefit. This is reflected by the following stipulations in SAAT’s administrative conditions:

    The foundation shall independently exercise the voting rights attached to the shares owned by it. In doing so, it shall be guided by the interests of the depository receipt holders and the interests of the Bank, as well as by the principles expressed in the objects of the Bank. For an overview of the shares taken in trust and the issued depository receipts of Triodos Bank, as at 31 December 2016, please refer to Statement of the Shares in our Online Annual Report.

The Board of SAAT, Triodos Bank and its depository receipt holders engage with each other regularly.

This happens both informally and formally through meetings like the AGM and meetings for depository receipt holders in the countries where Triodos Bank is active.

Engagement SAAT infographic

Board of SAAT 

ms. J.G.J.M. de Zwaan (1963), Chair

J. de Zwaan 
Josephine de Zwaan is also a Member and Chair of the Supervisory Board of Stichting Triodos Holding. She was a lawyer for more than thirteen years, specialising in major real estate projects. During the last five years of that period, she was a member of the partnership (CMS) Derks Star Busmann, where she was in charge of a team of real estate lawyers. Although no longer acting as a lawyer, she was involved in this firm as an advisor to the board until 2016. Since 2000 she has acted in administrative and supervisory roles in education, health care and culture in particular (Weleda, Dutch Association of Waldorf Schools, Bureau Promotie Podiumkunsten, Iona Stichting; nowadays she is acting for Hogeschool Leiden, Stichting Vilans, Raphaelstichting). She is a member of the board of Academy for Liberal Arts and the Institute for Positive Health and an advisor of Fairphone BV. In 2009 Josephine de Zwaan was appointed Arbitrator for the Arbitration Tribunal Foundation for Health Care and Member of the Governance Committee of the Arbitration Board for Health Care. In 2013 she was also appointed as a Member of the Supervisory Board of Stichting Cito, since 2015 she is chairing this board and vice chairing the board of Cito B.V.

Josephine de Zwaan was first appointed in 2010 and her present term expires in 2020. She is of Dutch nationality and does not own any Triodos Bank depository receipts.

ms. M.E. van Boeschoten (1946)

M.E. van Boeschoten
Marjatta van Boeschoten was a member of Triodos Bank Supervisory Board from 2001 to 2009. She was a lawyer of the Supreme Court in England for seven years before becoming a management development consultant. She is Director of Phoenix Consultancy and has worked with large organisations in the public and private sectors in the UK and internationally. She is on the Advisory Board of Neuguss Verwaltungsgesellschaft and is General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain.

Marjatta van Boeschoten was first appointed to the SAAT Board in 2009 and her present term expires in 2018. Her nationality is British and she owns 1 Triodos Bank depository receipt.

mr. F.A. de Clerck (1945)

F. de Clerck
Frans de Clerck is a co-founder of Triodos Bank Belgium (1993) and a former Member of the Executive Board of Triodos Bank NV. He is a Member of the Supervisory Board of Stichting Triodos Holding, and a Member of the Supervisory Board of the Hélène De Beir Foundation. Frans de Clerck has been awarded the Citizenship Price 2015 by the Belgian P & V Foundation.

Frans de Clerck was first appointed in 2010 and his present term expires in 2020. He is of Belgian nationality and owns 211 Triodos Bank depository receipts.

mr. L.W. Lageweg (1951)

mr. L.W. Lageweg
Willem Lageweg (1951) was CEO of MVO Netherlands, a centre of excellence which encourages corporate social responsibility among companies until July 2016. Now he holds a number of administrative, supervisory and advisory positions, including at the Louis Bolk Institute, SIB Kenya, Close the Gap, the Institute for Positive Health, Platform Integrity and Business Ethics and Green Deal Board. Prior to that he worked for Rabobank Netherlands where he held various positions such as  spokesperson & Communications Director, Director of Cooperation and Project Director for Major Cities. He began his career at the National Cooperative Council for Agriculture and Horticulture.

Willem Lageweg was first appointed in 2016 and his present term expires in 2020. He is of Dutch nationality and owns 179 Triodos Bank depository receipts.

mr. M.E. Nawas (1964) 

Mike Nawas
Mike Nawas (1964) is co-founder of Bishopsfield Capital Partners Ltd (BCP), a financial consultancy based in London. He has been affiliated with Nyenrode Business University in The Netherlands as Associate Professor Financial Markets since 2011. Prior to that he worked at ABN AMRO Bank for twenty years in various positions, including from 2005 as group director worldwide responsible for helping clients access capital and funding via loans, bonds or structured finance. Since 2013 he has been Chair of the Academy for Liberal Arts, an organization focused on philosophical development and ethical involvement of experienced professionals in The Netherlands. He is a Member of the Supervisory Board of Stichting Triodos Holding since 2017.

Mike Nawas was first appointed in 2014 and his present term expires in 2017. He is of Dutch and US nationality and does not own any Triodos Bank depository receipts.

mr. K.J.L. Schoors (1968)

mr. Koen Schoors 800x961
Koen Schoors is full professor of economics at Ghent University. His research focuses on banking and finance, law and economics, development economics, institutional economics and complexity. At Ghent University he is the current head of the Department of General Economics and of the newly founded Russia platform. Outside Ghent University he is Chairman of the Board of Gigarant and Trividend and is also member of the Board of the Cooperative firm Energent, and of the social-artistic collective Bij de Vieze Gasten. He also acted as expert for the Fortis Commission of the Federal Parliament, the Dexia Commission of the Flemish Parliament and the G1000. He actively participates in the policy debate, via colloquia, debate evenings, public lectures, columns, commentaries and interviews.

Koen Schoors is of Belgian nationality and does not own any Triodos Bank depository receipts.

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Josephine de Zwaan is member of the Foundation for the Administration of Triodos Bank Shares  (SAAT)

Josephine de Zwaan

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