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Business principles, Minimum Standards and governance codes

Business principles, Minimum Standards, governance code and banking code

True to our values and business principles, Triodos Bank maintains and promotes the highest ethical business standards. It is in our DNA to do so. Our approach to sustainable banking is in line with good corporate governance as laid down in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code and the Dutch Banking Code. Triodos Bank's corporate governance performance is monitored and reviewed continuously, and reported in the annual report and on our website.

Business principles

Our business principles guide us in carrying out our mission. They provide the framework that supports not only our strategic future, but also the code of conduct that underlies our day-to-day business operations. The Triodos Bank bankers’ declaration ties in fully with these Principles.

The Business Principles are an integral part of the contracts of employment of all Triodos Bank co-workers. In addition, the Business Principles are included in the introduction programme for new co-workers. The principles have been drawn up in consultation with the Board of SAAT and the Supervisory Board.

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Minimum Standards

To assess credit and investment proposals, our relationship managers and fund managers refer to our Business Principles in the first instance. The Minimum Standards set out the absolute minimum requirements are applicable to all credit agreements and investment activities.

Minimum Standards (pdf)

Dutch Corporate Governance Code

The Dutch Corporate Governance Code (the Governance Code) only applies to organisations whose shares are listed on a regulated market. Even though Triodos Bank's depository receipts are not listed on any regulated market, we choose to endorse and comply with the principles and best practices of the Governance Code. Although Triodos Bank generally complies with the principles and best practices of the Governance Code, we have opted to consciously differ from it in several specific instances.

Triodos Bank about the Dutch Corporate Governance Code Matrix compy or explain Corporate Governance Code (pdf)Statement

Dutch Banking Code

The Dutch Banking Code ('Banking Code') came into force as of January 1, 2010 and has been revised in 2014. The Banking Code is part of a package of new developments for the banking industry called ‘Future Oriented Banking’ introduced by the Dutch Bankers’ Association (NVB). The package includes, besides the revised Banking Code, a Social Charter and rules of conduct associated with the Dutch bankers’ oath.

The revised Banking Code came into effect on 1 January 2015. It consists of a number of recommendations and principles aimed at ensuring the very best performance by banks. Its primary focus is on governance and the banks’ culture. It puts the interests of the customer at the heart of a bank’s activity, which ties in fully with Triodos Bank’s vision and Business Principles.

Triodos Bank about the Dutch Banking Code Matrix comply or explain Banking Code (pdf)

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Dutch corporate governance code

Principles of good corporate governance and best practice provisions.

Banking Code (NVB)

The Banking Code contains a number of bank-specific best practices which aim to promote the best possible functioning of the financial sector.