This has been our mission since 1980 - we connect savers and investors who want to change the world for the better with entrepreneurs and sustainable companies doing just that. And increasingly, we join forces with other organisations and businesses that make similar commitments. Please see below for an overview of the COP21 Paris 2015 initiatives we have joined:

Dutch Carbon Pledge

Platform Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF)

Eleven Dutch financial institutions such as Triodos Bank have joined the Platform Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF). The aim of this platform is to further develop methods of measuring the climate impact of their investments and financing.

Read more about the Dutch Carbon Pledge

Climate Statement Dutch Banks

Dutch Association of Banks

Dutch banks regard climate change as a serious problem and are collectively taking further action. Against the backdrop of the international climate conference in Paris 2015, a climate statement consisting of ten points was presented to the Dutch government and non-governmental organisations that deal with climate change. Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. 

Press release on NVB website (Dutch)

Nederlandse Klimaatcoalitie

Dutch Climate coalition of NGO’s and business

Triodos Bank is a signatory of The Dutch Climate Coalition, which is an initiative of multiple NGO’s and businesses (e.g. MVO Nederland, Natuur en Milieu, Het Nederlandse Klimaatverbond en het ministerie van IenM), who aim to realise climate neutral business before 2050. By joining the Dutch Climate Coalition we all work together on realising a climate neutral society.  

Website Dutch Climate coalition (Dutch)

Train to Paris

“Train to Paris” is a synchronised network of trains planned to arrive in Paris from across Asia and Europe. The aim of this Worldwide Campaign is to raise awareness of the important role of sustainable transport, and low carbon rail transport, in the solution to both climate change mitigation and adaptation. On behalf of Triodos Bank Jacco Minnaar, our Global Energy & Climate expert, boarded the train.  

Website Train to Paris

Paris Pledge, Banktrack

The coal industry is the number one source of carbon emissions, universally seen as the main cause of the changing world climate and in turn threatening a range of devastating impacts for all life on earth. We can end our reliance on coal – but we need to do so quickly. One way to achieve this is for banks to stop financing this industry. Triodos Bank has already excluded this industry from its investment criteria, and was therefore happy to join the Banktrack Paris Pledge calling upon all banks to publicly pledge to phase out finance for the coal industry. 

Website of the Paris Pledge 

Dutch Green Top Train

De Groene Top Trein

On Friday 27 November 2015, the Groene Top Trein/Dutch Green Top Train travelled through the Netherlands. On the train was a cross-section of participants with smart, inspiring, sustainable ideas to prevent CO2 emissions. The Dutch Top Train provided a platform for organisations, businesses (including start-ups) and schools with good ideas to bring down CO2 emissions.

Website of the Dutch Green Top Train (Dutch)

Climate Express Belgium

Climate Express in Belgium is an enthusiastic and growing group of volunteers. Without any political ties they strive for a decisive and joint approach of the climate challenges. 
Triodos Bank Belgium is considering participating in this initiative with a group of co-workers

Website of the Climate Express Belgium (Dutch)

Un millón por el clima

One million for the Climate

This is a collective challenge: to reach 1 million commitments for the Climate. Citizens, companies and institutions have committed with small actions for combating climate change. Because every little decision counts.

Triodos Bank adds its commitments for helping to stop the global warming. All these commitments (more than 1 million) will be presented at COP21 Paris 2015.

Website of Un millón por el clima