Energy sector
Using the proceeds of the Green Bond, 44 projects were funded in the energy sector, which together produced the equivalent of the annual electricity needs of approximately 103,900 European households based on an attribution approach. The funded projects attributed to the (expected) avoidance of over 87 kilotonnes of CO2e emissions on an annual basis, as compared to fossil-fuel power generation.

Nature and conservation
Approximately 1,134 hectares of nature & conservation land and forestry in Europe were funded in 2022 by the proceeds of the Green Bond. This land is important for absorption (or sequestration) of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. This resulted in the sequestration of approximately 260 tonnes of CO2e in 2022.

Sustainable property
Triodos Bank financed four sustainable commercial properties and 561 residential buildings with the proceeds of the Green Bond. Approximately 86 tonnes CO2e emissions were generated by these loans and 510 tonnes CO2e emissions were avoided as compared to baseline emissions per type of property and country or region.

Net-zero target
With the proceeds of the Green Bond, Triodos Bank was able to make a meaningful contribution to its goal to be net-zero as early as possible and by 2035 at the latest. Our ambition is to significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of all Triodos Bank's loans and funds’ investments, using a science-based targets approach, while also considering, for instance, biodiversity and social inclusion.

Any remaining emissions will be balanced or ‘inset’ by investing considerably in nature projects that remove greenhouse gases from the air. Triodos Bank’s AsOneToZero target aligns its portfolio of loans and funds’ investments with a maximum global temperature rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius.