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Global Alliance for Banking on Values

This network of pioneering sustainable banks aims to touch the lives of a billion people by 2020

An independent network of banks using finance to deliver sustainable development for unserved people, communities and the environment.

Who is the Global Alliance for Banking on Values?

We are all banks with values at our core. First we ask what human need should be met, then try to meet this human need in an economically sound way.

Our Work

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) takes a leading role in the debate about how to build a sustainable financial future, and fosters joint projects between its members to help deliver it. It is a both a talking and, crucially, a doing organisation.
As well as attending events where we can influence the wider financial industry and its impact, the GABV arranges action-oriented meetings for its members. Its fourth annual meeting was hosted by Vancity in Vancouver, Canada, in the Spring of 2012.  

What do we do that other banks don’t?

Our business models vary, but all use banking products to deliver sustainable development for individuals and communities. We offer straightforward, inclusive and transparent banking products and services for individuals and businesses, providing savings and investment opportunities for the accumulation of wealth by our clients. We finance entrepreneurs, companies, and other organisations delivering long-term benefits for people, communities and the environment. We finance individuals for productive assets. And we provide safe and efficient means of cash payments by our clients. While our members are not immune to the impact of the financial crisis, we offer compelling evidence that a values-driven approach to banking is a viable alternative to current mainstream banking business models.

Basic facts and figures

  • We are nineteen banks, working in over 20 countries.
  • We represent over ten million customers, reaching 28 million people through our combined activity.
  • Together we have combined assets of over $ 40 billion.

What makes us unique?

We are unique as a banking network with business models that address both poverty and environmental issues.

How can we influence?

We make a difference through our banks, the products and services we offer, and the people who participate in the network. The member banks are represented by CEOs and senior decision-makers within their institutions.

What can we achieve?

We committed to raise $250 million in new capital for sustainable banks over three years at the Clinton Global Initiative in autumn 2009. We exceed this amount in just one.
At our annual meeting in March, 2010, we committed to touch the lives of billion people by 2020.

How will we do it?

Through five key action tracks: raising financial capital to fund the growth and impact of sustainable banks; developing human capital so a new generation of capable, motivated sustainable bankers can productively and efficiently use the financial capital we raise; measuring the impact of our network to demonstrate the results of our work for a wide group of stakeholders - from opinion-formers to investors; providing reference point for sustainable banking so our voice is heard, influencing the mainstream and supporting public policy developments that benefit sustainable banking worldwide; and expanding our network of banks further increasing the reach of our business models and delivering our goal by 2020.

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