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Our expertise in Energy and Climate

Energy & Climate

For a transition from a carbon-based economy to a sustainable economy, it's essential to reduce energy demand, to use energy as efficiently as possible, and to invest massively in renewable energy systems, while switching to low carbon fuels. 

Triodos Bank considers energy to be a basic human need and therefore something that we need to ensure is being generated and used on a sustainable basis for future generations.


Our expertise facts and figures
X 1.5 million tonnes

The amount of CO2 emissions that are avoided by the projects funded by Triodos Bank in 2015.

X High impact

Our current energy consumption causes huge environmental damage: we're burning resources that belong to future generations.

X Freeze at 350 PPM

If the temperature of planet earth increases by to 2 ˚C or more, climate change will have potentially catastrophic results. Therefore our carbon output needs to stay below 450 ppm (parts per million). Triodos Bank even advocates decreasing output back below 350 ppm.

X 100% renewables

Our long term goal is a complete transition from carbon-based to renewable energy.

X 2,100 megawatts

The total amount of wind, solar and hydro power production capacity currently funded by Triodos Bank.

X 358 projects

By the end of 2015 Triodos Bank, and its climate and energy funds financed over 358 renewables projects across Europe.

X 1,000,000 European households

The amount of renewable energy produced by the projects financed by Triodos Bank is equivalent to the electricity use of around 1,000,000 European households.

X 1995

Introduction of the Dutch green fiscal regime, driven by Triodos, that promotes tax advantaged investment through Green Funds into green projects.

X Over 30 years of experience

Triodos Bank has over 30 years of experience financing renewable energy projects.

Let's connect it all together

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After decades of experience, starting financing small projects, energy has become a significant part of our business, through the bank and through our investment funds.

We’ve seen and completed more renewable energy projects than most other banks in the world. Having developed the skills of catalysing the early renewable energy industry, we want to harness these competencies to help catalyse the next phase. This is a huge opportunity and we can only do this when all of us take our role to connect it all together.

Triodos Bank's position on Energy & Climate

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The impact on Energy & Climate

By focusing our attention on the deployment of mature technologies such as wind energy and solar power, we are able to make a meaningful contribution to the necessary transition to our energy system.

Having financed renewable energy projects for 25 years, we have built up a wealth of experience and expertise that is valued by the renewable energy developers and operators who we work with.

We are also extending our impact by working with more diverse ownership structures such as community renewable energy schemes and financing energy efficiency infrastructure within the built environment.

Our products supporting Energy & Climate

Energy and climate

Funding and know-how from the bank that knows the sector best

Triodos Renewables Europe Fund

Investment fund in small-scale clean energy producers