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Faces of Triodos Bank

Ronald – Software developer


“Triodos Bank is a very good fit for both my values and my ‘personality quirks’, while also finding a space for my skills to develop further.”

Tell us about your role & a bit about your career background.

I’m Ronald, 31 years old, married, and live in Utrecht. I've been a customer of Triodos Bank for several years. For ten years I worked at a startup company creating cutting edge business software for a broad market. I like developing software and I like technology. In the years before I switched jobs I developed doubts on the impact of technological progress, and especially about whether this progress  benefits the most vulnerable people and the planet  - or if it harms them. For me this was the reason to switch to Triodos. The day to day work is roughly the same, but the values of the company are what drew me here.

After working here for four months, it still feels these values are really embedded at the heart of the company. At the business level in for example the ethical requirements that have to be met before one can borrow money from Triodos Bank were impressive to see in detail. At a day-to-day level the values are felt in the working environment. There’s free organic fruit to enjoy during breaks. Even the building itself is interesting. Walls covered with loam, special sustainable floor covering and toilets flushing with rain water. Every Monday morning, there’s a half an hour meeting with all co-workers that deals with a specific topic that needs to be highlighted or something that involves everyone. This can be for example about a customer, something in the hiring process, or our annual report. Furthermore, there are lunch meetings every several weeks with very interesting speakers from all over the world.


Other positive surprises for me are working in a SCRUM team, responsibility sharing and clear function separation. Almost all responsibilities are shared by the team, not on the shoulders of a single person. A product owner making the hard decisions of prioritizing, a tester doing the testing work, so I can focus on developing.

While I’m good at developing, I’m not so good at prioritizing. I was used to making growing to-do lists and taking (too) much responsibilities. Now that’s almost impossible because the team decides together, and we have a shared scope of both the ongoing and the planned work. And even if I would be tempted to work too hard, I’m forced by my coworkers to play table football. ;-) All of this makes way for me for productive and stress free working hours. My coworkers are friendly and open to initiative. The department is quite flat; specific knowledge from my earlier job was welcomed. All in all Triodos Bank is a very good fit for both my values and my ‘personality quirks’, while also finding a space for my skills to develop further.

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