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Faces of Triodos Bank

Martijn – Software developer and component architect


"At Triodos, I can contribute to a more sustainable society while doing what I do best: developing software."

Tell us about your role & a bit about your career background.

Hi! I’m Martijn, software developer and component architect. I’m 38 years, I live in Utrecht (I can bike to work, yay!) with my wife, two kids and two cats. I started at Triodos Bank in 2004, as an external employee. After some four years, the company I worked for started calling employees back to their office to work on their own product, an insurance policy administration system. I’ve always been passionate about making the world a better place, and so, even though the day to day work wasn’t too different, something was missing for me there. So after about a year I decided to return to Triodos Bank , this time as an employee. At Triodos, I can contribute to a more sustainable society while doing what I do best: developing software.

So I’ve been a Java developer at Triodos Bank for a long time, but it just doesn’t get boring. Triodos has grown a lot in the past years and will continue to grow. And while we are a bank, which means we are subject to rules and regulations and maybe don’t have the agility of a start-up, we do keep up to speed. So for example when a new Java version is released, we adopt that, and thus, yes, we are on Java 8 (and using it!). And while we do have our legacy (hey, we started this application landscape in 2003), we have (and take) the room to improve things where we think it’s necessary. And we can, because all our core banking applications (including subjects like relation management, product portfolio, payments processing, real time debit card processing and many more) are developed in house.



Of course, growing means growing pains. As an IT department, we are facing many challenges . For example, how to work on one large code base with ten scrum teams? How to replace our mobile app and Internet banking front-end, which are currently heavily coupled with the back-end? How to assure and improve code quality and maintainability while also delivering business value? What I like about our approach here is that there is a lot of room for initiative. If one of the developers thinks it’s a good idea to, say, improve the quality of our Selenium tests and start sharing more knowledge, we form a group of interested members from different scrum teams and start working on it. Key to me is that besides being a team member of a scrum team, all developers also feel part of the group of all Triodos developers.

All in all, I like the scrum team that I’m part of, but I also like that we have our two-weekly developer meeting with all Triodos Java developers. I like going for a drink with my team after a week of hard work occasionally, but I also look forward every year to travelling to Antwerp with a group of 15+ Triodos developers to attend the Devoxx conference.

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