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Faces of Triodos Bank

Winfred – Component architect


“Due to our scale, our developers see all corners of the banking system.“

Tell us about your role & a bit about your career background.

I’m Winfred, software developer and component architect. With my 49 years I sometimes feel like the granddad of the department. Before I joined Triodos Bank in 2008 I worked for some other Dutch banks. I am a passionate Java geek who likes frontend development as well. To be honest, the last few years I learned more frontend and mobile stuff than Java. My mottos are 'spaghetti is good to eat but bad to read' and 'a day without refactoring is a day wasted'.

Since my start at Triodos Bank a lot has changed. The bank keeps growing and so does our code base.

We do our very best to keep our code base in shape by adopting the latest Java constructs like lambdas, by using quality metrics and performing cross-team code reviews. It remains challenging to keep up the quality when about 30 developers are working in one codebase at the same time.

What I do like in my work at Triodos?

First of all a banking environment is a complex environment. Although we are not the biggest bank we need to deliver all services clients expect from a bank. Due to our scale, our developers see all corners of the banking system. From client onboarding to payment processing.

Triodos Bank is an European bank with well-defined  values. For me it's important that I can identify myself with the company I work for and that I can feel proud of the things we accomplish together.



I like to have close contact with the business units I work for. And as we also do projects for our branches it is fun to experience the differences and similarities in culture between de different countries we operate in. It’s cool to see that the Triodos Bank values are shared across the complete company.

What is the most exciting thing I’m involved with today?

That would probably be the redesign of our online presence, including internet banking and mobile apps. As a launching project we have built a mobile banking app for Triodos Bank in the United Kingdom. We implemented a new REST-full service layer as backend and we used NativeScript together with Angular 4 and Typescript as our next gen mobile platform. Cutting edge technology that makes my heart go faster.

Triodos Bank and the team of Software Solutions in particular has an informal culture where colleagues are willing to share knowledge and help you out if needed. There is room for initiatives and ideas.

Work hard, learn from colleagues and play every now and then a game of tabletop football.

In the end I'm happy when a complex problem is solved in a simple way.

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Ronald – Software developer

“Triodos Bank is a very good fit for both my values and my ‘personality quirks’, while also finding a space for my skills to develop further.”

Martijn – Software developer

“At Triodos Bank, I can contribute to a more sustainable society while doing what I do best: developing software.”

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