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Working Culture

Triodos Bank's working culture is open and transparent, reflecting our approach to banking

Co-workers are involved in developing the organisation’s mission, and we encourage co-operation within and between departments.

Everyone attends a regular weekly meeting and all new co-workers are given a comprehensive induction into the Triodos Bank's way of working. Meetings, at lunchtime or after work, provide an opportunity to discuss various subjects or to hear a presentation from an invited guest. Meetings are open to all, and anyone is welcome to suggest a subject.

Triodos Bank's culture is open and transparent, and encourages co-workers to co-create. 

What we stand for

Banking to make a positive impact. Read about our vision and values.

Why we're different

So what makes Triodos Bank different? How do we justify the claim that we have a uniquely sustainable approach?

Get in touch

Human Resources Department

For further information, you can contact our international Human Resources department.