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The financial calendar for 2018 is as follows:

Publication of the Annual Figures 2017 15th of March
Publication Online Annual Report 2017 15th of March
(subject to Supervisory Board approval)
Annual General Meeting (AGM) 18th of May
Ex dividend date 22nd of May
Dividend payment date 25th of May
Publication of Half Year Figures 2018 24th of August

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Post trade information Depository Receipts 2017

In 2017 the trading in Depository receipts has been executed without any issues. Trading was done each week. All transaction orders that were submitted in 2017 have been executed, at the predetermined price.

In total we processed buy orders representing a total of 145 million euro’s. At the same time we processed sell orders representing a total of 52 million euro’s.

The prices against which the orders were executed were identical to the price quotes on the Triodos website on the date the transaction orders were submitted:

Date Price (in Euros)
1 January - 11 April 82
11 April - 23 May 83
23 May - 1 August 81 (ex dividend) 
1 August - 21 November 82
21 November - 31 December 83 

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