Triodos Bank takes the next step in restoring tradability in Triodos Bank Depository Receipts (“DRs”) in June 2023. The order book for trade is expected to open on 28 June 2023. The initial trading round is expected to commence on 5 July 2023 marking the official moment of listing of DRs on Captin’s Multilateral Trading Facility (“MTF”).  

Jeroen Rijpkema, Chair of the Executive Board and CEO of Triodos Bank commented: “The upcoming listing marks an important moment for our Depository Receipt Holders and Triodos Bank, as it will offer our DR Holders a possibility to trade again. The start of tradability after a prolonged period of suspension might entail large fluctuations between supply and demand, and consequently in pricing, and could even result temporarily in situations of no trade. However, the fact that we create the opportunity to trade again is an important step forward. It will enable us to focus on our pursuit of positive impact with the support of our DR Holders and all other Triodos Bank stakeholders.”  

Update on performance 
In view of the anticipated listing of the Depository Receipts Triodos Bank on Captin’s MTF, we believe it is in the interest of all investors to ensure that they can base their investment decisions on the most up-to-date information. We have therefore issued a separate press release earlier today on the expected performance of the bank over the first half year 2023. 

Expected next steps 
The DRs of DR-Holders that have opened a trading account with Captin, will be converted into electronic form (‘dematerialisation’) to enable DRs to be traded on the electronic platform. Up to this moment in time 26% of DR-holders has opened such a trading account. The DR portfolio of those DR-Holders will be visible in their Captin trading account. Captin will act as the provider for services concerning the DRs.   

On 28 June – At 9:00 (CET) the order book will open, marking the beginning of the initial auction round. Current DR-Holders and prospective new investors who have opened a trading account with Captin can place buy or sell orders until the order book closes at 12:00 (CET) on 5 July.  

On 5 July – At 14:00 (CET) the first trading round will commence. During the trading round, buy and sell orders in the order book will be matched based on the transaction price on which the highest volume can be executed. It might well be that initially not all orders can be matched. Therefore, orders will be matched on a pro rata basis of the available volume of the buy and sell orders.  

The settlement of any transactions will be done automatically. The transaction price will be published on Captin’s website as well as on when a trading price has been established.  

On 6 July – At 9:00 (CET) the second auction round will commence, following the same process, and will be repeated weekly (on Thursdays) thereafter. 
Update Information Memorandum 
To inform the current and prospective new DR-Holders about various relevant developments since the release of the Information Memorandum on 3 April this year, a supplement to the Information Memorandum has been released today. Before participating, current and prospective new DR-Holders are recommended to read both documents.  


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