• Depository receipts of Triodos Bank are issued by Triodos Bank NV through Stichting Administratiekantoor Aandelen Triodos Bank.
  • Triodos Bank NV is registered with the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).
  • Depository receipts are not listed on a stock exchange, but Triodos Bank maintains an internal market for transactions against net asset value on a daily basis. Therefore investors may have to wait before they can sell their depository receipts.
  • Please refer to the prospectus (in English) for further information about the expenses and risks that apply specifically to these securities. The prospectus for depository receipts of Triodos Bank (in English) can be obtained from Triodos Bank in the countries stated below.
  • Depository receipts of Triodos Bank are currently available in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain and Germany.
  • Depository receipts are traded on a weekly basis.
  • Orders to redeem or buy depository receipts can be submitted every day. Triodos Bank matches all the subscriptions and redemptions each Wednesday, or the next day in case of a holiday.
  • Triodos Bank can buy back for 28.2 million euro of the outstanding depository receipts in case it receives more redemptions than subscriptions from depository receipt holders.
  • In the event that Triodos Bank buys back 28.2 million euro of the outstanding depository receipts and it still receives more redemptions than subscriptions, depository receipt holders have to wait before they can redeem their depository receipts until there is renewed demand for the depository receipts. This situation has not occurred over the last 10 years.

Based in Zeist | Netherlands (headoffice)
Bristol | United Kingdom
Madrid | Spain
Brussels | Belgium
Frankfurt | Germany 
Founded on 30-06-1980
Number of issued depository receipts 13,411,481 (31-10-2018)
Dividend EUR  1.95 (25-05-2018) 
Chief Executive Officer, chairman of the Executive Board Peter Blom
Chief Financial Officer, member of the Executive  Board Pierre Aeby
Chief Operating Officer, member of the Executive Board Jellie Banga

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