Silvius Sun

Asset ClassesPrivate equity & Private debt
Impact strategyEnergy and Climate
SectorSustainable Energy
Tonnes of CO₂ emissions avoided4,471
Capacity (in MW)19.4
Number of households provided with clean electricity4,513
Amount of clean electricity produced (in MWh)16,969
Aligned with SDGs

Silvius Sun is a portfolio of roof-mounted solar PV plants with a total production of 19 MWp, situated on the roofs of 19 small and medium-sized companies in Flanders. The project benefits from the green certificate regime for solar projects in Flanders. Silvius Sun is a joint venture between Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund and SolarAccess and became operational between 2009 and 2011. The electricity generated is used primarily by the companies on whose roofs the plants have been built. Excess electricity is delivered to the grid.