With this agreement, Triodos Bank and ABS intend to increase their positive societal and environmental impact. For ABS it creates an additional opportunity to dedicate money of its shareholders and customers to support positive initiatives. Triodos Bank sees the cooperation as a chance to realise larger projects and, in doing so, accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy.

International network
Triodos Bank’s international network of business relationships will be of great advantage in finding the right financing opportunities. Triodos Bank has a longstanding track record financing renewable energy, sustainable properties, organic farming and the health and educational sectors, so does ABS. The underlying principle is that both parties take part in each financing for at least 30%. The financing arrangements may vary from EUR 10 million up to a maximum of EUR 50 million per investment. Triodos Bank will act as arranger and agent on behalf of ABS that will participate aside Triodos in the financing.

Global Alliance for Banking on Values
Both banks are members of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), a network of independent banks using finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development. The cooperation is a further step to strengthen the ties between ethical banks with the framework of the GABV partnership, necessary to foster a more responsible and sustainable financial and economic system.

Common goal
"ABS is very happy to enlarge its positive impact together with Triodos Bank, a partner we share the same values with. To speed up the transformation of a sustainable society and economy it demands joint forces across borders. Our shareholders supported this vision already a few years ago," says Nicole Bardet, member of the executive board of ABS.

Jacco Minnaar, Chief Commercial Officer at Triodos Bank: “As members of the GABV, Triodos Bank and ABS share a common goal: to make money from our customers work for positive social, environmental, and cultural change. Today's financing decisions influence the quality of society and the living conditions for decades to come. With this unique collaboration, we underline the crucial role of the financial sector in this transition and show what impact is possible by working together.”