Jeroen Rijpkema, Chair of the Executive Board and CEO of Triodos Bank:

“Our current system of capitalisation through Depository Receipts has worked very well for forty years, but is reaching the limits of its growth and tradability. The options presented today not only seek to secure tradability for our depository receipts, but also to ensure access to new capital. New capital that we can use to generate more impact and continue to work on our mission to contribute to a better world for people and the planet.”

Triodos Bank will use the coming period to engage with its DR-holders and experts to further analyse the feasibility of the two options and aims to take a final decision in December this year.

As announced on 19 August, Jacco Minnaar and Nico Kronemeijer have been appointed as members of the Executive Board. The Executive Board now consists of Jeroen Rijpkema (CEO and Chair), Andre Haag (CFO), Carla van der Weerdt (CRO), Jacco Minnaar (CCO) and Nico Kronemeijer (COO).

Danielle Melis and Susanne Hannestad have been appointed as members of the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board now consists of Aart de Geus (Chair), Mike Nawas (Vice-chair), Danielle Melis, Dineke Oldenhof, Ernst-Jan Boers, Sébastien D’Hondt, and Susanne Hannestad.