Accelerate shift towards sustainable investments

The hub is needed because the financial sector is still not sufficiently creating the positive change in the economy at the pace that we need, even though there has been substantial recent progress on sustainable finance in Europe. Also, the legacy of unsustainable finance continues to push the brakes on achieving more rapid progress in ensuring the well needed shift towards a carbon net zero society.

The aim of the Finance Impact Hub is to accelerate the shift of financial flows towards green and sustainable investments, and to explore the systemic nature of the financial sector and its impacts on the climate, nature and society. It will enable actors to understand the perspectives and choices across the political, regulatory and industry sectors in order to optimise collective action towards a sustainable economy.

Halt investments in a high carbon linear economy

Club of Rome co-President, Sandrine Dixson-Declève: “It is absolutely critical that we shift towards a new financial system which is in true harmony with people, planet and prosperity. The Finance Impact Hub has three fundamental objectives: to halt all new investments in a high carbon and linear economy, to triple investments in clean energy and green technologies across the globe and, crucially, to support the European Green Deal as a new circular economy and well-being economic model. We will do this collectively by accelerating changes in the financial system and translating them into concrete policies, while ensuring a truly just transition.”

Collective roadmap

Peter Blom, Chief Executive Officer of Triodos Bank and Chair of the Finance Impact Hub: “There is a real urgency for the financial industry to actively support the transition towards a sustainable, net zero and inclusive economy. Cooperation and joint action between public policy makers, businesses, finance and other stakeholders in society is essential for the financial sector to increase its impact.

The Finance Impact Hub will create a collective roadmap for change within the financial system that best serves society and accelerates the transitions that we need to emerge from the planetary emergencies that we face. Triodos Bank supports the Club of Rome initiative, because it is closely linked to our mission since we started 40 years ago: to change the financial system so that it puts people’s interests first while allowing us to live within our planetary limits.”

Triodos Bank will support the Club’s initiative throughout 2020, a critical year for the European Union, as it seeks to make a success of the European Green Deal and mark a turning point in our efforts to emerge from the climate-planetary emergency.

New Club of Rome office in Brussels

The Club of Rome will also open a new office in Brussels, housed at Triodos Bank’s office in Brussels.