Through the RMBS Triodos Bank gains additional access to potential liquidity in cases of severe market stresses. It is not used to attract funding but provides Triodos Bank with better access to central bank liquidity.

The RMBS is collatorised by Dutch residential mortgages and has a size of EUR 840.8 million. It is the first time Triodos Bank has engaged in this type of transaction.

The structure is fully compliant with the new Simple Transparent Standardised securitisation regulation.

Triodos Bank maintains ownership

The RMBS is a retained transaction, with Triodos Bank maintaining full ownership of the notes. There are no plans to sell securitisation notes to external investors. The mortgages remain on the balance sheet of Triodos Bank and all economic benefits of the underlying mortgage loans remain with Triodos Bank.

There are no changes for mortgage clients. All mortgage clients will continue to be serviced by Triodos Bank in the same manner and with the same conditions.

Sustainable mortgages

Triodos Bank is specialised in sustainable mortgages. The more energy-efficient a house, the lower the mortgage interest rate.