The most important resolutions are listed below:

Dividend for depository receipts

The AGM approved the dividend proposal for 2018 of EUR 1.95 per depository receipt. The dividend will be payable on Friday 24 May 2019. Triodos Bank NV depository receipts will be quoted ex-dividend on Tuesday 21 May 2019.

Appointment of a Supervisory Board Member

The AGM appointed Mike Nawas as member of the Supervisory Board for a period of four years.

Voting results

The voting results per agenda item of the AGM of Triodos Bank N.V. of 17 May 2019 can be found on the Triodos Bank website:, as of close of business on Wednesday 22 May 2019.

Changes to Executive Board

At the 2018 Annual Meeting of Triodos Bank N.V., Pierre Aeby, CFO and member of the Executive Board, announced his decision to retire from his role at the 2019 Annual Meeting. This decision has become effective as of the close of today’s meeting.

On 13 April 2019 the Supervisory Board of Triodos Bank N.V. announced its intention to appoint Carla van der Weerdt (1964) as member of the Executive Board of Triodos Bank in the role of Chief Risk Officer. In accordance with the provisions of law and the articles of association of Triodos Bank, the Supervisory Board notified the General Meeting of this intention and has appointed Carla van der Weerdt as Member of the Executive Board and Chief Risk Officer of Triodos Bank N.V. after closing of the General Meeting.

Recruitment for a fourth member of the Executive Board and Chief Financial Officer is under way. No decisions have been made regarding candidates or timing. Further announcements will be made when appropriate.

Changes to the Supervisory Board

Gary Page resigns his membership of the Triodos Bank N.V. Supervisory Board effective 18 May 2019. He will continue his relationship with Triodos Bank as the Chair of Triodos Bank UK Ltd, a role which he took up in January 2019 in preparation for it assuming responsibilities for Triodos Bank’s UK activities, as a subsidiary company, wholly owned by Triodos Bank N.V., as of 1 May 2019.