Following the formal approval by the Dutch Ministerial Council held on 23 February 2018, Kees Vendrik was appointed as Chair of the sector table for Electricity in the Dutch Climate Agreement.

The Climate Agreement has one central goal: the task of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Netherlands in 2030 by 49% compared to 1990.

The Climate Agreement must contain concrete commitments on CO2 reduction, and clarify which party is responsible for achieving specific results. The agreements are made within five sectors: industry, mobility, the built environment, electricity and agriculture & land use. Each sector receives a reduction target in megatons of CO2, as agreed in the coalition agreement.

Five sector tables will be put together, in which parties will participate that can make a concrete contribution to the transition, have knowledge about their sector and have a mandate to make agreements. The sector tables are also expected to make agreements about issues that are important for all sectors, such as innovation, financing and the labor market.

The full text of the announcement (in Dutch) can be found here.