A new website

The new website is more user friendly, and has a cleaner and more contemporary design. It includes new features providing a more engaging environment for all our stakeholders, easier online forms, and a short film, which tells the Triodos Bank story through the voices of the diverse entrepreneurs we finance.

Hadewych Kuiper, Head of International Marketing, led the redesign project: “Being genuinely transparent about the businesses and organisations we lend to is part of our mission at Triodos Bank. That’s why we’re particularly excited by a new online feature which uses google earth technology to let visitors pin-point exactly who we lend to - from Henderson’s organic restaurant in the United Kingdom to Peruvian microfinance bank, Mibanco.’

Our expertise

Triodos Bank has been a leading expert in sustainable banking for over 30 years. On our new website you can find out more about our work to benefit people, the environment and culture, and we invite you to meet our experts to discover our view on issues such as renewable energy or financing fair trade in emerging markets.


We hope you like the outcome as we do, although we know there is still a lot to do to make it even better.  If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback please feel free to contact us.