Our goal is to rally everyone around a positive vision of society that enhances the quality of life for all on a thriving planet. Currently, 6 out of 9 planetary boundaries are being transgressed, while massive inequalities exist between people and many basic human needs remain unmet.

A post-growth transformation is therefore necessary. For the richest countries on earth, such as the five countries in which we are active as a bank, this means we must plan a reduction in energy and resource use in such a way that inequality is lowered, and human wellbeing enhanced.

While we can only fully achieve such a systemic transformation by working together at the national and international level, we can start bottom-up. Through our financing activities and our change finance work, we aim to contribute to this transition.

If you would like to know more about what post-growth is, how we view it and how we contribute to this transition, please read our position paper.