The petition is about securing and protecting Article 25 of the draft CSDDD, which is strongly debated among member states. Directors are the decision makers in the companies and they should clearly know what is expected from them in the interdependent economy of the 21st century.

Some Member States of the EU and a number of Members of European Parliament are advocating to remove this obligation from the directive. This would be a missed opportunity and threatens the success of achieving the EU’s Green Deal targets, which depend heavily on changing corporate behavior and accountability.

What is the current status of the CSDDD?
The CSDDD sets out rules on the obligations of large companies in relation to actual and potential adverse human rights and environmental impacts of their own operations, the operations of their subsidiaries and the operations of their business partners. It also lays down rules on sanctions and civil liability in case of non-compliance with these obligations. Finally, it sets out obligations for companies to adopt a plan to ensure that their business model and strategy are compatible with the Paris Agreement.

The Directive will help the EU to make the transition to a more climate-neutral and greener economy, as outlined in the European Green Pact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.