Every living, thriving system regenerates.
All things are connected.
Nothing is wasted.
It’s circular.
With each cycle bringing forth something new and vigorous.
Nature is such a system.

Our current economy is almost the opposite.
It depletes the earth’s resources.
Causes climate change.
Grinds to a halt every few years.
And widens the gap between rich and poor.
Which undermines the very fabric of our society.

We need to transform our economy.
Not just change it. Not adjust it.
But transform it into something new.
Into an economy that puts the planet first.
And strengthens society.
An economy that regenerates.

This is not easy but not impossible either.
Our current economic model is not set in stone.
It’s man-made so we can transform it into something better.
Renew our banking- and investment system.
Reconsider the built-in expectations about risk and return.
Create a system that no longer rewards maintaining the status quo.
That encourages the things money can do to benefit society and our planet.
That transforms to a system built on regenerative principles.

Changing this system is the reason we started Triodos Bank forty years ago.
Our goal has always been to create positive change.
By consciously putting money at work.
And yet there are still certain things we cannot do.
Projects with great positive impact we cannot fund.
Because they simply don’t fit within the limits of the current system.
This is the reason we are starting something new today.

Triodos Regenerative Money Centre reaches beyond those limits.
With Triodos Regenerative Money Centre we support initiatives that pioneer.
That catalyze. That build communities and partnerships.
That dare to deviate and challenge the status quo.
With an explicit goal to regenerate society and the planet.

The financial instruments we use are donations and so-called catalytic investments.
Instruments that have the potential to be and support gamechangers.

To transform the economy, we have to transform the way we deal with money.
And who decides how we deal with money?
Exactly. We all do.

Join us in putting impact first.