Various research reports and media articles conclude that in this region Uyghurs are possibly interned in camps and subjected to forced labour. Xinjiang region accounts for roughly 45 percent of global polysilicone production. A large part of the solar panels therefore most likely contains this raw material from the area.

Triodos Bank is a sustainable bank and asset manager, with a focus on sustainable energy projects, including solar panels. Human dignity is an integral part of its mission. It has a strong commitment to human rights, which is at the heart of its operations. As part of Triodos Bank’s strict due diligence when financing renewable energy projects, it ascertains there is a strong commitment of all partners and suppliers to respecting human rights.

Triodos Bank has therefore asked the suppliers to confirm they have a strong commitment to human rights, and that human rights are respected in their supply chain, specifically regarding the situation of the Uyghurs. If Triodos Bank does not receive this confirmation, it will no longer finance projects that use the components of the supplier.

You can read the letter here.