The goal of this platform is to accelerate the sustainability transition in the Netherlands. The cabinet wants to use the platform to shape the discussion with social parties about climate policy in consultation with the Minister for Climate and Energy. The platform will play an important role in stimulating the dialogue about climate policy in society, with special attention for groups that feel less involved in the climate transition.

The platform will also provide the Minister for Climate and Energy with solicited and unsolicited advice on developments that are important for climate policy, including opportunities and bottlenecks for accelerating the transition.

Jeroen Rijpkema, CEO of Triodos Bank: “We would like to congratulate Kees on his intended appointment. And I’m proud that our Chief Economist has been selected for such an important role. We are convinced that he is the right person to give the climate transition a new impulse. With an eye for all involved, especially the more vulnerable groups.

Since his appointment as Chief Economist in 2017, Kees has shaped our mission to change the financial sector to make money work for positive change. He has made a major contribution to our vision on food & agriculture, energy & climate and social inclusion. He achieved success in Brussels to anchor sustainability in new legislation and he worked hard to better embed sustainability in the national and international financial sector, an important milestone being Triodos Bank’s contribution to the Dutch Climate Agreement. We wish him all the best in his new role.”

A successor to Kees Vendrik has not been appointed yet.