As early as 1980, Mr Blom started working for Triodos as a volunteer. After various positions, he became CEO of Triodos Bank in 1997. He stepped down during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 21 May 2021.

According to Peter Blom, financial development must always go hand in hand with the development of people and the environment. The common thread in Peter Blom's life – both within his work and in his many ancillary positions – is closely intertwined with the economy, social renewal and preserving the earth for future generations.

During his time at Triodos Bank, Peter Blom regularly visited entrepreneurs and farmers. This is how the idea arose to set up an advisory body for research into organic agriculture: the Bioraad. In 2010 he set up the 'Scientific Council for Integrated Sustainable Agriculture and Food (RIDLV)'.

In 2010 the international environmental organisation 'The Club of Rome' invited Peter Blom as a member. He launched the Sustainable Finance Lab in 2011, together with professors Herman Wijffels and Klaas van Egmond. Peter Blom is internationally recognised for his leading role behind the world's first network of independent sustainable banks, the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, which he co-founded and chaired. He was also a board member of the Dutch Association of Banks.