In every country where Triodos Bank is active (the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany) we observe the measures announced by local (health) authorities to limit the risks to our co-workers, our customers and society as a whole.

We emphasise to our co-workers to follow the basic hygiene measures, and we work from home as much as possible. We have split critical operations in different teams who work at different locations where necessary, we no longer travel internationally for work and we avoid face to face meetings where possible.

How we support our customers
Triodos Bank has extensive business continuity plans for all its locations and activities. In this way, we ensure that the continuity of the services is not compromised. The banking sector, including Triodos Bank, is committed to facing the challenge of the crisis and will do its utmost to support customers. The European Central Bank and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) have made this possible by allowing the use of some of the buffers, freeing up capital to provide credit.

You can find more information on the local websites on how we help our customers: Belgium (Dutch/French), Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Reflections on the crisis
The Covid-19 outbreak reminds us of our interdependency as human beings and that a global crisis like this one, affects all of us. Having confidence in each other, working together and not leaving anyone behind is crucial.

The corona crisis points to substantial shortcomings in our current economic and social system. That is the reason Triodos Bank calls for an overhaul, a reset of our economy. In its vision paper, titled Reset the economy, Triodos Bank lays out a concrete policy, business, and finance agenda to prevent a future pandemic from holding the world in such a grip as corona has, to intensify our efforts to combat the climate emergency and other eco-crises, and to work on a more socially inclusive society.

In the paper ‘The Corona Crisis’, Triodos Bank’s Chief Economist Kees Vendrik also reflects on the corona pandemic and calls for a reset of the current economic system. Reconnecting finance and the real economy and rebalancing social, ecological and economic values.

Triodos Investment Management shares its view on this unprecedented crisis and its far-reaching consequences here. In a series of articles, webinar, outlooks and blogs we show how, as an impact investor, we manage today’s risks and challenges with a long-term focus in mind: creating a world that is fairer, greener and more humane.