He stressed the importance of banks and other financials financing the necessary transition to a low carbon society and a more sustainable food and agriculture sector. He also emphasized the need for consistent policies by governments to facilitate the transition and for co-operation between stakeholders.

In the paper Making the financial sector more sustainable requires a broad view of the entire portfolio, which we submitted to the Lower House of Parliament,we further explain position. “The agenda for the future and the sustainability of the financial sector should be based on a social orientation and a link with the social challenges of our time. This course of action can only be successful if financial institutions take on this role themselves and are supported by adequate regulation and supervision.

Making the financial sector more sustainable depends in part on clear government policy for transitions in areas such as the energy market, the (industrial) built environment, but also in agriculture and in the social domain. The financial sector benefits from keen decisions by means of pricing, standards and targeted government investments that set out a clear transition path for society.”