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What we stand for

Banking to make a positive impact

We believe that everyone should have equal rights and the freedom to pursue their personal development and economic interests, while taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions on society and the planet.

Triodos Bank exists to help individuals, organisations and businesses achieve this sometimes difficult balance.

Sustainable banking

Our approach to banking is based on the fundamental belief that money can help to create change.  We value people, planet and profit - and take all three into account in everything we do.

We call this sustainable banking. Sustainable Banking to us means using money with conscious thought about its environmental, cultural and social impacts. With the support of our savers and investors we want to make a difference, by meeting present day economic needs without compromising those of future generations.

Profit is not an objective in itself

In essence, Triodos Bank aims to maximise sustainability, embracing the need to be profitable but only as a means to a sustainable end. Profit can be seen as a yardstick. It shows an organisation is working efficiently, but says nothing about the content and the impact of what it is doing.

Triodos Bank starts with the content of an activity and focus on it sustainable impact. The first thing to consider is ‘How can this contribute to sustainability?’ Next comes the important question ‘Is it viable? And thirdly: is the idea rooted in society – is it supported by those around the entrepreneur. If the professional judgement is correct, financial and social profit should follow almost automatically.

Reappraise the role of money and its place in the economy

This approach represents a radical departure for conventional financial institutions. It means re-appraising the role of our money and its place in the economy. And it goes further, because thinking like this means looking inwardly to assess what’s truly valuable. There are a number of positive trends emerging in this respect. There is growing awareness that we only have one earth to live on, and need to work together to secure our long term future on it.

Our values: a firm foundation

As a bank dedicated to making a positive impact on the world, we have four key values that encapsulate what is important to us, and provide a firm foundation on which to build our business:


We only finance activities that actively benefit people, the environment or culture.


We strongly believe depositors should know where their money goes .


As a bank, we want our products and services to be among the best in our industry.


We’re constantly working to develop innovative new ways to finance sustainable sectors and the entrepreneurs leading them.

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