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How does Triodos Bank select the companies it finances or invests in?

05-04-2017 | Zeist

Triodos Bank NV is an independent bank founded in 1980 in The Netherlands. Our goal is to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.
In line with our mission, values and business principles, we have defined standards which guide us in assessing the Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) performance when evaluating credit and investment proposals. A full copy of the Minimum Standards can be found here.

Triodos Bank and specific countries

Recent media reports have noted that Triodos Bank has been placed on a list published by the State of New York, for allegedly boycotting Israel or Israeli companies. As we have stated on several occasions and in repeated communication to the State of New York, we choose to invest in companies that match our standard for positive social, environmental and cultural change. We do not have any policies or frameworks in place for companies or countries that could result in a boycott of any one country. This implies that we do not boycott Israel.

Triodos Bank does in fact invest in companies active in Israel. A current example is an investment by Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund in Solar Edge at a current market value of USD 1.8 million. Solar Edge is a company that is based in Herzliya, Israel (www.solaredge.com).

In August 2011 we reported on the outcomes of our engagement with Dexia Bank regarding its international financial activities and their adherence to prevailing international human rights standards. Dexia Bank was not able to provide sufficient reassurance to our questions. This led to a reallocation of our assets.

More information on engagement and our latest Triodos Sustainability Research Engagement Report.

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