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Sustainable Property & Private Mortgages

The built environment - homes, offices, shops and other business premises - has a large environmental impact. According to calculations by the Environmental Programme of the United Nations, buildings currently consume 40% of all energy that is produced in the EU and contribute a similar proportion of Europe’s carbon emissions. If we are to make the transition to a genuinely sustainable economy, we need to address how we build and maintain buildings for the future of our planet.

Not just CO2

Apart from the direct environmental impact of buildings, the quality of the built environment also affects the well being of residents and users and how we experience our living environment. To achieve quality of life, we humans do not only need safe shelter - a space to live and work - but there must also be sufficient space for recreation and respect for the needs of others sharing the same space. Where we build and how our buildings impact the neighbourhood and the residents of that neighbourhood should therefore also be considered in the overall assessment of real estate projects.

Banking and real estate fund

Triodos Bank is involved in the development of sustainable real estate in two ways. We provide loans to developers or building owners and in some countries we provide private mortgages to individuals who want to buy a home or renovate their home to be more energy efficient. We were the first bank in the Netherlands to offer a mortgage that rewards energy efficiency: the more energy efficient the home, the lower the mortgage rate.

Secondly, there is the Triodos Real Estate Fund (Vastgoedfonds). The fund buys and invests in sustainable real estate. As the real estate owner the fund can influence the sustainability of its buildings very directly.

Preserving the old, updating the new

The majority of buildings around us today are still likely to be here in 50 years’ time and many historic buildings will continue to be preserved for the cultural role that they play.
For existing properties, renovation and retrofitting projects can dramatically improve the sustainability of a building – including insulation measures, low-energy lighting and heating, advanced control systems and low-energy appliances. The way in which a property is used also plays an important role in its overall impact; for example, the degree to which an office building is kept fully occupied and uses telecommunication technology such as videoconferencing to reduce business travel.

Construction and renovation

During construction and renovation we need to make smart choices about sustainable construction materials and new technologies for the use of energy and water by residents and users. We are extending our impact by working with more diverse ownership structures such as community renewable energy schemes and financing energy efficiency infrastructure within the built environment.
How we demolish buildings and reuse materials or manage the waste from demolition also needs to be taken into consideration when evaluating property development.

The building and its future impact

Triodos Bank not only takes into account if offices and business premises are used efficiently and sustainably by the owners and occupants today, but also if they are designed in a way that makes them multifunctional for the future. Business property that can easily be converted into consumer housing for instance, is more sustainable than a building that only has one use.

Our expertise facts and figures
X 310 commercial properties

Triodos Bank financed about 310 commercial properties, comprising approximately 280,000m2 of office and other commercial space in 2015.

X Approximately 4,500 homes and apartments

The total amount of homes and apartments that were financed in 2015.

X A unique screening process

Before investing, the funds of Triodos Investment Management take into account all relevant sustainability features of a building, using its Triodos Sustainable Real Estate Screen. This Screen is based on the four P's: People, Planet, Profit and Project.

X Reward for energy efficiency

The more energy efficient your home is, the lower the interest rate you pay on your mortgage. Triodos Bank wants to stimulate the sustainability of the housing market.

X Reduce carbon footprint

As well as offering green mortgages, Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management finance new building developments and refurbishment projects for properties to reach the highest sustainability standards.

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The impact on Sustainable Property & Private Mortgages

Triodos Bank finances new building developments for properties to the highest sustainability standards. We also finance the renovation or redevelopment of existing properties so that they become more energy efficient.

Some branches also provide mortgages to private individuals, in particular incentivising high sustainability standards and support those seeking to improve the sustainability rating of their home.

We are also extending our impact by working with more diverse ownership structures such as community renewable energy schemes and financing energy efficiency infrastructure within the built environment.