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Our approach to lending

On this part of the website you can easily see which organisations are financed with the money from our savers and investors. You can find our worldwide financing activities in microfinancing and sustainable trade as well. The site is continuously updated.

Read all about how Triodos Bank decides which businesses and projects to finance, in the complete Criteria for financing .

Which organisations can I find?

  • The site lists businesses that have received a loan from Triodos Bank, Triodos Green Fund or Triodos Cultural Fund and the premises in which Triodos Real Estate has invested.
  • It goes without saying that customers first have to give permission for their details to be published. In addition, the details must be both complete and correct. Organisations for which the information is incomplete cannot be found in the site section Know where your money goes.
  • The businesses that have not yet given their permission will not appear on the site. Nonetheless, these businesses also meet our sustainability criteria to obtain a loan. Since 1 January 2009, granting permission for publication of business details has been made a condition for obtaining a loan, and appears in all our loan agreements.
  • Triodos Bank also issues private mortgages. To preserve privacy, we have decided not to display home loans on this site.
  • If loans are issued to more than one business in a group, for example a production company and a holding company with a different establishment location, only the most relevant information is displayed, so that a clear indication is given of the core activity of the group, and to identify its most important establishment location.
  • Triodos Bank does not invest for its own account. Businesses in which investments are made via the Triodos Sustainable Funds are not listed on this site, but do appear in the annual reports of the Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund, Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund Triodos, Sustainable Mixed Fund, Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund. These businesses have not received a loan but have instead attracted capital from investors, via the stock market. In that case, Triodos Bank plays a different role: we make sure that only those investments are selected that meet the sustainability criteria of the fund in question but we do not lend our customers’ money to these businesses. 
  • Loans issued by the Triodos Green Fund and the Triodos Cultural Fund are listed on this site. These two funds have the character of a specialist bank and for that reason we believe it is important that we also show the businesses financed by them. The Cultural Fund invests in art and culture and the Green Fund in renewable energy, organic farming, sustainable building and nature development, all in accordance with predetermined criteria.
  • Also shown are the premises in which investments have been made by Triodos Real Estate Fund. The Real Estate Fund invests in premises that meet the fund’s criteria in terms of people, planet, profit and project.  
  • Via a number of specialist funds, Triodos Bank is active as a financier in developing countries. The core focus is on the development of a local financial sector. The Triodos Doen fund, the Hivos-Triodos Fund, the Triodos Fair Share Fund and Triodos Microfinance Fund invest in microfinance institutions in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa. These local institutes offer loans, savings products and payment services to people at the lower end of society. Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund provides trade finance to certified Fair Trade and/or organic producers in developing countries. This increases their opportunities to gain access to Western export markets. The funded products include coffee, cotton, soya beans and cocoa.



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