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Archive articles on Triodos Bank and our work

Triodos Bank signs Spitsbergen Ambition

26-06-2018 | minimum 49% CO2-reduction in 2030, 100% in 2050  Read more

Additions to our Emerging Markets portfolio

23-11-2012 | ASDIR in Guatemala, FACES in Ecuador, CREDINKA in Peru, Agora Microfinance Zambia and Ugafode Microfinance Limited in Uganda are new in our Emerging Markets portfolio.  Read more

Pricila Morales Ortiz - client of ASDIR in Guatemala

Reaching 117,294 farmers worldwide

20-11-2012 | Over 100,000 smallholder farmers worldwide sold their harvest to organisations that benefitted from trade finance from the Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund in 2011. Find out more about other key stats.  Read more

Sustainable cocoa from the Dominican Republic

Towards an integral approach to sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition

15-03-2012 | Although agriculture and nutrition are closely linked, both issues are often dealt with in isolation. One example is how the recent proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in livestock farming has claimed victims in hospitals.  Read more

Money for Farming

29-06-2010 | Finance is key for maintaining committed trading relationships. Value Chain Finance helps farmers’ organisations bridge the payment gap between harvest and export.  Read more

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Pushing its way on to boardroom agendas

02-06-2010 | Sustainable forestry, sustainable fishing, sustainable farming - the idea of managing the earth's natural resources in a prudent way has been gaining ground rapidly in recent years, as the world realises that failing to do so could destroy us all.  Read more

Stricter criteria on weapons contribute to changes in behaviour

01-05-2010 | Triodos Sustainability funds do not invest in weapons producers. Triodos Bank applies very strict rules in this respect. Companies are excluded from investment even if only a very small proportion of their activities is weapons-related.  Read more

Profit with a purpose

01-05-2010 | As earnings, bonuses and stocks creep back to pre-crisis levels, will markets resume business as usual? A plea for a new kind of investing that blends good sense, good causes and good financial returns.  Read more

The Changing Landscape of Microfinance

01-04-2010 | Much has changed since Triodos Bank started its role as an investor in the microfinance sector in 1994 but the pace of change has increased significantly in recent times.  Read more

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Investing in sustainable food stocks

01-04-2010 | Triodos Sustainability Research recently analyzed 20 listed supermarket chains in order to select responsibly operating companies eligible for investment by the Triodos values funds and Triodos Private Banking.  Read more

Engagement with stock listed companies: 2009 achievements

01-03-2010 | In accordance with the Triodos Investment Strategy, we encourage companies to improve sustainable business performance. Through dialogue and other engagement activities, we aim to raise awareness of sustainability issues, stimulate action and inspire change.  Read more

Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund provides trade finance to Serendipol in Sri Lanka

01-01-2010 | Serendipol (Pvt) Ltd. was founded in 2007 by Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, a best-selling brand of natural soaps in the United States, in conjunction with Sri Lankan partners.  Read more

The Bottom Line

01-08-2008 | As the world wrestles with a banking crisis unlike any before it, Peter Blom, Chairman of the Board of Management of Triodos Bank, argues that 'maximising sustainability' should become the economy's priority.  Read more

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