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AWE Renewables Ltd
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AWE Renewables Ltd

Sustainable energy (Environment)

AWE Renewables Ltd own and operate two wind turbines – in Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire and Quarrendon Fields in Buckinghamshire. Despite being on inland sites, the turbines maximise potential energy generation by being some of the tallest on-shore turbines in the UK, with a peak tip height of 143.5m.

Sustainable energy

Energy is a necessity in modern life but the current dependence on fossil fuels to provide it has a high environmental and social impact. We believe that a fundamental transition is needed away from a carbon based economy to a renewable one. By lending and investing in this sector we try to stimulate this transition, with our main focus on financing solar, wind and hydro energy.

Vimy Court
Unit 4
Vimy Road
Leighton Buzzard