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The Dhammadhipati Vihara (London)
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The Dhammadhipati Vihara (London)

Philosophy of life (Culture)

This project was established in 2012 to serve the large number of Theravada Buddhists in and around Middlesex. Meetings of the group have historically been held in rented accommodation, with supporters of the organisation also meeting the cost of renting a property for the resident Buddhist monks. Membership of the community has grown, and they have decided to purchase their own property to provide accommodation for monks and visitors. Lending from Triodos Bank is to assist with this, ensuring that the tight-knit and cooperative Theravadan community can continue to thrive.


Philosophy of life

We want to support non-coercive expressions of religious belief. We lend to a wide range of spiritual and religious groups that respect human freedom and nurture the spirit.

472 Summerwood Road