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The Curzon Clevedon Community Centre for the Arts
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The Curzon Clevedon Community Centre for the Arts

Arts and culture (Culture)

(CCCA) is a charitable company established in 1996 with the principal aim of maintaining the Curzon Cinema - one of the oldest continually operating cinemas in the UK. Housed in its unique Grade 2 listed building, they show a wide range of films seven days a week. A treasure of the local community, the cinema is largely staffed by volunteers who are passionate
about providing a memorable experience for its guests. In addition, the Curzon works with the local community offering an exciting range of exhibitions and events

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Arts and culture

Triodos Bank finances arts and culture because we believe it contributes to the quality of life of a society connecting ideas and people, reflecting, and provoking and encouraging positive change. Art can elevate individuals and groups beyond a purely materialistic society.

46 Old Church Road
BS21 6NN