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The Restore Trust
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The Restore Trust

Community projects (Social)

The Restore Trust is a not for profit Social Enterprise that has been formed to provide support, training and jobs to ex-offenders and the unemployed. Working in partnership with Bristol City Council the project renovated a number of Local Authority empty homes in urgent need of repair. They have also formed a strategic partnership with Bristol Together who offers a similar service helping ex-offenders back into the workplace. They have received government backing and with the additional finance the bank has provided the trust will be able to complete the purchase and renovation of properties to be used to provide accommodation for the long term unemployed or ex offenders.


Community projects

We intend to empower people and support the personal development of disadvantaged individuals, by financing businesses that address specific social objectives. Lending in this sector is to for and not-for-profit employment programmes, youth help centres and integration programmes, among others.

4-6 Longmead Avenue