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Microfinance (Social)

ESAF Microfinance and Investment Private Limited (EMFIL) is the leading microfinance institution in the South Indian state of Kerala and is expanding rapidly in Central India. EMFIL and its parent ESSCO have a clear focus on improving the livelihood of its clients holistically by providing them access to finance, low cost healthcare and housing, fair prices for their agro produce, and by training women in rural and tribal areas to make handicrafts. The ownership structure of EMFIL is unique in the Indian context with more than 65% Indian ownership. Another unique feature is that a very high percentage - around 68% - of the institution’s field staff are women.

Triodos Microfinance Fund and Triodos Fair Share Fund have provided a loan to EMFIL.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2016:

- number of loan clients: 1,127,998
- percentage female clients: 100%
- percentage rural clients: 70%
- average loan amount: EUR 283
- number of savings clients: -



Whoever you are, and wherever you live in the world, you are likely to want permanent access to financial services. Microfinance banks play a crucial role providing access to finance to an increasing number of people living on low-incomes. We finance microfinance institutions because they help to build inclusive financial sectors, where the majority of people have access to financial services, leading to a sustainable basis for balanced social and economic development.

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