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Wind Farm Zeeland I
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Wind Farm Zeeland I

Sustainable energy (Environment)

Wind farm Zeeland I is a joint venture between Triodos Renewables Europe Fund and environmental project developer E-Connection. The joint venture consists of three wind farms in the southern part of the Netherlands: wind farm Vlissingen, wind farm Kapelle-Schore and Wind farm Jacobahaven.

Wind farm Vlissingen is located near the port of Vlissingen. It started production in 1991 and operates seven Vestas V29 225 kW wind turbines, which provide 955 households with green energy.
Wind farm Kapelle is located on the sea wall near the town of Kapelle. It became operational in 1991 and has two Vestas V27 225 kW wind turbines, which provide 240 households with green energy.
Wind farm Jacobahaven became operational in the summer of 2006. It operates three Vestas V90 3.0 MW wind turbines, which deliver green energy to 6,800 households. The wind turbines are located at Jacoba harbour at the southern end of the Oosterschelde flood barrier in the municipality of Noord-Beveland.


Sustainable energy

Energy is a necessity in modern life but the current dependence on fossil fuels to provide it has a high environmental and social impact. We believe that a fundamental transition is needed away from a carbon based economy to a renewable one. By lending and investing in this sector we try to stimulate this transition, with our main focus on financing solar, wind and hydro energy.