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Society is diverse by definition.

Triodos Bank’s responsibility is to create a welcoming work environment for all. A diverse co-worker community contributes positively to the organisation’s effectiveness, vitality and makes it resilient. Triodos Bank aims to identify barriers to enter the organisation in terms of diversity, through awareness raising activities. And it acts to resolve any issues that arise.

Initiatives to include those with a distance to the labour market are launched throughout the organisation. Triodos Bank offers work experience opportunities, for refugees and people reintegrating after a situation of illness, in some of its branches for example. Some of these initiatives lead to permanent roles. Triodos Bank continues to explore new ways to increase diversity and inclusion, in collaboration with local refugee communities and network among others.

In our view, it is the societal responsibility of companies to enhance the inclusion of women.

Half of society is female and so are Triodos Bank’s customers. In our view, it is the societal responsibility of companies to enhance the inclusion of women. We want to be an organisation that has a healthy gender balance within all layers of the organisation. As a matter of principle, Triodos wants to have a diverse management. Currently, there is one female executive in the Executive Board and twenty percent of the Supervisory Board are female. In 2017 Triodos Bank employed 695 women (50,5%) and 682 men (49,5%). The share of women in management positions is more than 43%.

The Supervisory Board aims to be diverse, with an adequate balance of nationalities, age, experience, background and gender. In particular, its objective is for no more than 60% of its seats to be held by either gender. From May 2018, there were four male and three female Supervisory Board members.
With respect to future appointments and reappointments, the Supervisory Board aims to meet the gender balance while safeguarding the required continuity of the collective tasks and responsibilities of the Supervisory Board.

Human Resources Director Els Verhagen: “When considering candidates for a vacancy, we have to look at the broader picture and keep a balanced team in mind. This is concrete and makes it less of a binary issue. Diversity is of key importance.”

We do not tolerate discrimination.

Under all circumstances, Triodos Bank wants to avoid discrimination of candidates based on the protected characteristics of age, gender, gender reassignment, pregnancy, marital status or civil partnership, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, etc.

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