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Depository Receipt Holders' Survey 2017

Perspectives on Triodos Bank

We want to know what our stakeholders in general, and investors in the bank itself (or ‘depository receipt holders’) in particular, think about Triodos Bank’s work and the wider world we share.

This helps us understand how well, or not, we’re doing and provides a broader perspective on our work. So every year we ask our depository receipt holders a number of questions. In 2017, depository receipt holders again responded in overwhelming numbers: over 7,000 of more than 38,000 investors responded.

Overall performance

How satisfied are you with the overall performance of Triodos Bank?



Overall Performance 2017.png

Overall Performance 2016.png

Overall Performance 2015.png

Overall Performance 2014.png

Balance between financial and non-financial returns

To what extent do you agree that Triodos Bank has the right balance between individual return on investment and, social, environmental and cultural returns?



Balance Returns 2017.png

Balance Returns 2016.png

Balance Returns 2015.png

Balance Returns 2014.png

Mission and strategy

Are you familiar with the mission and strategy of Triodos Bank?



Mission-Strategy 2017.png

How does Triodos Bank make a positive impact on society and the environment?

We asked our depository receipt holders to put a list of issues that describe how Triodos Bank overall makes a positive impact on society and the environment in order of priority. The top four are as follows:

Positive impact-text.png

We also asked them how Triodos Bank makes a difference as an institution, in order of priority:

Difference as an instiution-text.png

How can we help?

Get in touch with Triodos Bank, one of the world’s most sustainable banks.

Invest in Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank connect savers and investors who want to change the world for the better.

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