The aim of The Lab Future Generations (Lab Toekomstige Generaties, based in The Netherlands) is to make sure the wellbeing of future generations is taken into account in important decisions.

They do this by advocating for future generations as an Ombudpsperson, by involving diverse crowds in painting a picture of the future we want, and by researching cases and methods that helps to bring the future into the now.

With a donation Triodos Foundation supports the further development of the Future Thinking Toolkit.

The toolkit is a growing collection of academic and other methods that enable us do the work of advocating for future generations. The methods help us make sense of the future, see opportunities, and determine what we can do now to ensure the wellbeing of future humans.

The initial methods were uncovered through a first ‘Salon of the Future’ session with academic thinkers from several different disciplines, ranging from sociology, to futurism, to history, and to neuro-psychology.

The Toolkit will be used by the Lab Future Generations itself, but will also be made available to decision-makers in different sectors, in The Netherlands and internationally.