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Note: The issues explored in this article are specifically relevant to sustainable investments on the stock market. Triodos Bank believes that our Socially Responsible Investment funds are a powerful means of promoting our values and working for greater sustainability, while enabling us to offer a complete range of attractive investment options to clients that choose to invest on the stock market.

Doing business in changing environments

29-06-2017 | What happens to companies when political or civil environments in a country change, especially when the changes imply serious violation of human rights? Can and should companies stop their operations there? Two companies faced such challenges, which drove us to re-assess their suitability for our investment universe.  Read more

Controversies in the pharmaceutical industry

29-06-2017 | Triodos used to consider the pharmaceutical industry to be sustainable because its products ultimately contribute to improving the quality of life. Recent controversies around product information, price fixing, anti-competitive behaviour, and bribery, however, brought the integrity of the industry into question.  Read more

Long-term value

29-06-2017 | Triodos has a long-term approach to investment in stock-listed companies, allowing companies time to develop their potential and create better value for all stakeholders. The recent failed takeover bid for AkzoNobel is an example of how short-termism can cause companies to deviate from their planned pathway to success.  Read more

Our agenda for 2017

12-04-2017 | Engagement and dialogue strengthen a company’s insight into those issues that are important to shareholders, thus adding to a company’s ability for long-term value creation. In 2017, we will focus on several topics, among which living wage and board diversity. We will also continue our efforts on climate change.  Read more

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Top 5 engagement topics

12-04-2017 | Each year we define a number of topics that we find important and on which we want to engage with companies in order to influence company performance.  Read more

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Outperformers in Textiles & Apparel

12-04-2017 | Our rigorous investment process helps us to select the real outperformers in any sector. The textiles and apparel (clothing) industry is a case in point. This is an industry that touches us every day, but that also raises a lot of concerns related to basic labour rights in its supply chain.  Read more

Responsible sourcing

12-04-2017 | Responsible minerals have been an important topic of our engagement efforts since 2004. The challenges and risks relating to these minerals, essential for much of our electronic devices, remain urgent.  Read more

Access for all

12-12-2016 | Clean reliable energy is crucial for our economy and a sustainable society. It enables modern living, machinery to operate and technological development. Sustainable Development Goal 7 focuses on access to sustainable energy for all, and a recent merger of two companies shines a light on the potential for integrated solutions and to achieve this Goal.  Read more

Fighting by all

12-12-2016 | Climate change is said to be the biggest threat to sustainable development. Sustainable Development Goal 13 address the challenges, and promotes urgent action to combat climate and minimize disruptions. One company in portfolio of Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund, Kingspan, is already achieving significant outcomes.  Read more

Increasing for all

12-12-2016 | The underlying targets of Sustainable Development Goal 3 - Health and well-being for all, address health issues.These targets are not limited to the healthcare industry, however. Our assessment methodology takes all underlying targets into consideration.  Read more

Acting on the Sustainable Development Goals

12-12-2016 | The Sustainable Development Goals are a United Nations initiative that outline 17 aspirational goals that define worldwide sustainability priorities. As part of the screening process for its socially responsible investment funds, Triodos has always assessed companies on the topics addressed in the SDGs, and they’re also helping us refine what we do.  Read more

Welfare beyond the farm

29-09-2016 | Animal welfare is not an issue that is limited only to companies in the food industry who employ intensive animal production. It is also very relevant for manufacturers of cosmetics, medicines, household products, clothing and accessories. For that reason, we also have several minimum standards that relate to the welfare of animals at risk from those industries.  Read more

Investee companies lead the way

29-09-2016 | Triodos has actively engaged on the issue of farm animal welfare for many years. In 2014, our efforts have intensified and we entered into deeper dialogue with several companies, particularly those in the food retail and restaurant industries. This summer, we followed up with those companies to find out more about their progress.  Read more

Collaborating for change

29-09-2016 | Triodos actively engages with companies to encourage them to improve their social and environmental performance. Collaboration with other like-minded organisations is part of this engagement process. We are a member of two investor networks that focus on improving farm animal welfare and factory farming, and both have achieved significant results.  Read more

The importance of animal welfare

29-09-2016 | Evidence shows that animals in intensive farming and production systems often live in discomfort and suffer unnecessarily. Triodos requires the companies we invest in to have strong policies and programs to counter or minimize these effects. But what do such policies look like exactly? And what about other related sustainability impacts?  Read more

Carbon footprint

13-06-2016 | The impact of biological, chemical and geological processes on Earth is an undeniable reality, but nothing perhaps more so than the impact of concentrations of CO₂ in the atmosphere. Triodos invests in companies that take measures to reduce their carbon footprint.  Read more

The fall-out from nuclear waste

13-06-2016 | The use of nuclear technology has a widespread and long-term effect on humankind and on the planet. From nuclear reactors to nuclear weapons, the radioactive waste they produce is hazardous. Despite all precautionary measures, traces have been found in soil, water and polar ice. Triodos takes a strong position against the use of nuclear technology.  Read more

Waste the waste

13-06-2016 | Plastics and plastic packaging are an integral part of our daily lives, but plastic waste is having a devastating effect on our natural environment, in particular on marine life. Triodos strives to reduce both the use of plastics and plastic waste.  Read more

Turn destruction into development

13-06-2016 | For the sixth time in 4.5 billion years, the Earth is facing mass-extinctions caused by human behaviour. We are the problem, so we are also responsible for the solution. Companies can contribute a lot by changing the way they do business.  Read more

Engaging for change

08-03-2016 | Triodos Research has released the 2015 Company Engagement Report. Highlights of the results and the impact of our varying engagement efforts are included in this article.  Read more

Influencing public policy

08-03-2016 | One pillar to engagement is the influence Triodos Bank can have on public policy.  Read more

Collective investor action

08-03-2016 | The 2013 tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza Textiles Factory in Bangladesh caused investors to join forces and call on textiles brands to take action.  Read more

Defining effective engagement

08-03-2016 | What is the goal of engaging companies and how effective is Triodos' approach?  Read more

Energy efficient buildings

30-11-2015 | The influence of buildings on climate change is significant. There is currently a positive shift in the building sector, both the way buildings are designed and how they are supplied with energy.  Read more

Investing in a new energy system

30-11-2015 | Triodos Socially Responsible Investment funds invest in companies that rise to the climate change challenge.  Read more

Renewable energy lights the way

30-11-2015 | Renewable energy plays a major role in the climate change solution. Many of the companies in our investment portfolios are leading the way in renewable energy use and technology.  Read more

Change in corporate climate

30-11-2015 | Triodos engages with companies to persuade them to take up their responsibility on climate protection.  Read more

A taxing issue

19-10-2015 | Tax planning is often used to improve a company’s financial performance. There are also risks associated with tax planning. The legal landscape is changing.  Read more

Our say about executive pay

14-10-2015 | Public discontent about excessive executive remuneration is on the rise. What can regulators and investors such as Triodos do?  Read more

Good (business) sense

14-10-2015 | Triodos advocates increased female representation in management and supervisory boards because we believe that gender balanced boards make good business sense.  Read more

A vote is a voice

14-10-2015 | Voting at annual general meetings is a shareholder right, and one Triodos believes should be exercised.  Read more

Healthy soil requires careful water management

26-06-2015 | Careful use and management of water is essential to preserve soil and production capacity for agriculture in arid regions. When companies operate in drought-sensitive areas and require large quantities of water for their production processes, they need to have sound water management.  Read more

Land grabbing – a dirty business

26-06-2015 | Recent years have witnessed a rapid expansion in land acquisition by foreign investors in developing countries. Soil fertility and water availability are two of the key drivers. But there are associated risks of adverse social and environmental impacts, and some consider it therefore a dirty business.  Read more

Food production depends on fertile soil

26-06-2015 | The world’s population is growing and with it the need for more food. Intensive agriculture and conversion of forests into farmland are seriously endangering soil fertility worldwide. Soil fertility is an important precondition for sustainable food production. Find out how Triodos approaches this issue when assessing companies for potential investment.  Read more

Reservoir of biodiversity

26-06-2015 | A wide variety of natural organisms in our environment is vital for both nature and agriculture. However, in the last decades, this variety has declined as a result of soil degradation in many regions. What is the connection between soil and biodiversity and what does Triodos require from companies to increase biodiversity?  Read more

Breaking the link between mineral sourcing and armed conflict

19-06-2015 | For over a decade, Triodos Investment Management has been supporting efforts to break the connection between the mining of so called ‘conflict minerals’ and the extremely violent conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its surrounding countries.  Read more

Triodos calls for gender equality

02-04-2015 | On 8 March, the world celebrated International Women’s Day with the theme of ‘Make it happen’. But how far has gender equality actually come in the boardroom? And what are companies doing to improve the gender balance? What does Triodos do to encourage gender diversity?  Read more

Exclusion of oil and gas

02-04-2015 | Triodos strongly believes in the necessity and possibility of a full transition from a carbon-based economy to a sustainable one. Such a transition is required to keep the effects of global warming limited. In line with this view, we fully exclude companies that are involved in oil and gas from our sustainable investment universe.  Read more

New standards for responsible soy

02-04-2015 | Triodos has introduced a new minimum standard for companies using soy. This new standard requires relevant companies to be a member of the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS), or to have a sourcing policy and/or programmes for sustainable soy. We consider this an important first step for companies to demonstrate their awareness of a responsible use of soy.  Read more

Animal welfare matters

02-04-2015 | Animal welfare is a hot topic in Europe and North America in terms of media attention. On corporate agendas, however, it does not have a very prominent place yet. Triodos has strict requirements on animal welfare and recently engaged with ten companies to learn more about their take on the topic and to encourage improvement.  Read more

Is H&M in hot water?

22-01-2015 | There’s an urban myth about a frog. When it’s placed in a pan of water and the water is slowly brought to the boil, the frog won’t jump out. It accepts the status quo and in the process risks its very existence. Swedish garment company H&M often receives criticism about its social and environmental performance – it’s own form of heat. But the company isn’t staying put.  Read more

When people and process collide

22-01-2015 | Humans are not machines but rather social beings. And that’s our strength of our economy. We are at our best and happiest when we collaborate and share. But what happens when individuals have their human rights put at stake because of the way a company operates? How can companies remediate the adversity they cause?  Read more

Creating lasting change

22-01-2015 | Triodos enters into dialogue with companies to create a lasting positive change for both the companies and for society. We engage both independently and collaboratively with other like-minded investors, but always with the thought that change, even just a small one, can create a significant impact.  Read more

Demand drives producers to go organic

23-10-2014 | Although the number of consumers buying organic food is increasing, its total market share is still very small. But the amount of organic farmland is growing globally, so there’s huge potential and opportunity. What are the major food producers doing to meet this rising demand?  Read more

growing market

Pesticides kill more than pests only

23-10-2014 | For environmental and health reasons pesticides are not used in organic farming. Pesticides may even pose a threat to global food security, as the recent mortality of bee populations shows.  Read more


Supermarkets drive demand for organics

23-10-2014 | What is the role of food retailers in the organic food market? Do they follow the consumer trend for organic food like the producers, or are they more proactive?  Read more

driving demand

Just how sustainable is cotton?

23-10-2014 | Cotton is one of the world’s most important natural fibres. It’s a renewable resource, but can it really be grown sustainably? Find out what Triodos Research’ viewpoint is and how it impacts the Triodos Sustainable Investment Universe.  Read more


Conflict minerals and the Atlantic divide

07-07-2014 | With US supply chain disclosure rules now in force and EU regulations lagging behind, Triodos Research has initiated engagement with European companies about the use of conflict minerals. We also encourage them to be transparent about supply chain due diligence.  Read more

Palm oil

07-07-2014 | Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil on earth and demand continues to grow. There are issues around sustainable production and processing, however, and consequently there are various developments in the industry. Find out more and what Triodos is doing to support improvement.  Read more

palm oil

Commodity scarcity

07-07-2014 | Many commodities are used in everyday life – products such as sugar and wood, but also many different metals and minerals. Some of these natural resources are rapidly depleting and could soon become scarce, which is a serious risk for a sustainable future. Find out what Triodos demands of companies so that we can avoid natural resource depletion.  Read more

scarce commodities

Tin mining in Indonesia

07-07-2014 | One third of the world’s tin production occurs on two Indonesian islands, Bangka and Belitung. Decades of tin production have a worrying negative social and environmental impact on both islands. Triodos is challenging companies to improve tin mining practices.  Read more

tin can

Water scarcity

08-04-2014 | Water is a human basic need, just like food, shelter, and clothing, and without it we can’t survive. Water scarcity already affects almost every continent and more than 40% of people on our planet. It will become the most important sustainability challenge of this century.  Read more

Disputed territories

08-04-2014 | There are many areas in the world disputed by countries or groups of people that claim rights on the land based on historical or religious grounds. The Palestinian Occupied Territories are one well-known example but many such areas exist. How does Triodos deal with companies active in such areas?  Read more

hand heart

Standards and dilemmas

08-04-2014 | For a long time human rights were mainly considered to be the responsibility of governments. But now the duty of companies is clearly recognised, and several recent international and national standards have been developed. They help us in our analysis but we still face dilemmas.  Read more

Basic labour rights

08-04-2014 | Labour rights are a basic human right and are universally applicable. However they’re not always respected, particularly in industries with high-intensity production. Triodos aims to foster business compliance to protect fundamental worker rights.  Read more


SRI strategies more sophisticated

09-01-2014 | The SRI market is strong and flourishing. Over the years the industry has witnessed significant changes and investment strategies have become more sophisticated. Triodos Investment Management applies a combination of strategies to determine the companies eligible for investment in its SRI products and services.  Read more

Resilience required

09-01-2014 | Companies report more and more about their non-financial impact. Most global companies now publish such a sustainability report. However, only a few companies have convincingly integrated sustainability thinking into their core business.  Read more

Pressure generates impact

09-01-2014 | Triodos Bank actively challenges companies to improve their social, environmental and corporate governance performance. Find out how we do it and what the results have been.  Read more

No limits to SRI growth?

09-01-2014 | Triodos Bank believes that growth is more than what a financial figure communicates. Yet it is encouraging to note that the financial figures for Socially Responsible Investment are growing. 22% of total global assets under management (USD 13.6 trillion) are currently influenced by some kind of responsible investment strategy. And the market continues to grow.  Read more

How much tax should companies pay?

10-10-2013 | Tax avoidance by means of aggressive tax planning by companies has been the focus of a major debate recently. In response, international governments have recognized that tax rules need to change. Triodos is currently investigating how it should respond to the developments.  Read more

Worker safety in Bangladeshi factories

10-10-2013 - 10-10-2013 | Recent tragic accidents in clothing factories in Bangladesh have shocked the world. What are the companies in our sustainable investment universe doing on much needed prevention?  Read more

Genetic modification in 2013

10-10-2013 - 10-10-2013 | The food sector is at a cross-road when it comes to GM foods. More and more GM crops find their way into the food being produced. This makes it very hard for companies to avoid them. What is happening and what does this mean for the Triodos Sustainable Investment Universe of listed companies?  Read more

Engagement for change

06-06-2013 | The Triodos SRI portfolios apply a long-term investment strategy and hold concentrated portfolios. This allows us to pursue a policy of active engagement and dialogue. How successful are our efforts?  Read more

Transparency advances accountability

06-06-2013 | Wouldn't it be good to know exactly what your bank does with your money? Transparency has been a core value of Triodos Bank ever since its inception in 1980.  Read more

The grass is not greener

06-06-2013 | Many companies in the Triodos investment portfolios are also found in the SRI portfolios of other providers. How are the Triodos investment portfolios still different?  Read more

Does sustainable investment really work?

06-06-2013 | Triodos Bank’s SRI products offer the opportunity to invest in stock-listed companies that outperform on sustainability. Is that true?  Read more

What makes a sustainable car manufacturer?

14-02-2013 | Triodos Research recently reviewed 18 major stock-listed automobile manufacturers. In this sector we use the best-in-class approach to select companies for the investment universe. Read more about what we found and why we chose the companies that finally made it to the investment universe.  Read more

Progress in the telecoms industry

14-02-2013 | There have been some interesting progressive shifts in the integrated telecommunication industry. A review of 15 companies against Triodos minimum standards showed some interesting developments.  Read more

No room for complacency

14-02-2013 | Results of assessing companies in the human resource & employment industry showed a significant shift, particularly compared to three years ago. Find out why.  Read more

Mining companies do not cut the grade

14-02-2013 | Raw materials are the basis of all products and there is an enormous demand for them. For mining companies, selection based on best-in-class performance is often overruled by a violation of minimum standards. Find out how Triodos takes a tailored approach to analysing this industry for potential investment.  Read more

Bio-based economy

30-10-2012 | In this article we look at a few industries that are advancing with the use of bio-based substances in their production process.  Read more

Mobility and transport

30-10-2012 | What issues does Triodos Bank consider when looking for leaders in the mobility sector? Who are these leaders?  Read more

Unconventional oil and gas extraction

30-10-2012 | Due to higher oil prices and an increasing demand for energy, oil and gas companies are scrambling to find new reserves. This development comes at a cost of more environmental damage and higher carbon intensity of fuels produced. Recently Triodos Bank removed Repsol and BG group from the sustainable investment universe for that reason.  Read more

Waste not, want not

30-10-2012 | A circular economy changes our concepts of ownership and puts the focus of products and services on performance. Triodos Bank believes this innovative thinking will optimize the use of materials and minimize waste.  Read more

One hundred million euro – you’re out!

30-07-2012 | Financial institutions and holding companies can be indirectly involved in the production of controversial products due to the finance they provide. For this reason, we have set a threshold limit of EUR 100 million for financiers of products for which we have zero tolerance. Find out how it works in practice.  Read more

Five per cent threshold for some

30-07-2012 | There are certain products and services that can hinder the achievement of a sustainable future, some to a greater degree than others. For some we have a zero tolerance, for others we accept a very minor involvement. Introducing: the five per cent threshold for acceptance.  Read more

Majority revenues for three themes

30-07-2012 | Triodos Bank can use thresholds in a positive way, for example as a means to determine potential selection of a company. This is the case for those companies with specific sustainable products and services. These can be selected for investment, particularly for the Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund.  Read more

Zero-tolerance for four activities

30-07-2012 | Triodos Bank is explicit about the industries it invests in. But did you also know that it’s as equally explicit about the industries it will not invest in? Find out for which activities we have zero tolerance.  Read more

Conflict-free Coltan

29-03-2012 | Various consumer products such as mobile phones, DVD players and computers include a component made from columbite-tantalite, commonly known as Coltan. But sourcing of the mineral can often be a contributor to human rights atrocities and cause detrimental environmental impacts.  Read more

Kimberly-Clark and FSC tissues

29-03-2012 | Kimberly-Clark and its well-known global brands such as Huggies, Kotex and Kleenex are a part of life for people in more than 150 countries. However these consumer paper products contain natural fibres derived from wood pulp with potentially large environmental impacts.  Read more

Sustainable palm oil

29-03-2012 | Palm oil is used in many consumer products, from cosmetics, and washing powder, to icecream, and crackers. But the development of new oilpalm plantations is destroying areas rich in biodiversity. The Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil’s global standards aim to address the issues.  Read more

Pressure on controversial arms producers can create change

12-12-2011 | Can investors change the behaviour of controversial arms companies through the instrument of exclusion? Yes! The broad exclusion of arms-makers, and especially the production of controversial arms, has caused changes in that sector.  Read more

Is the health care industry healthy?

12-12-2011 | Triodos Bank recently removed Johnson & Johnson and Quest Diagnostics from its Sustainable Investment Universe. There were too many breaches of legislation that when added up was reason enough to exclude these companies from further investments.  Read more

Controversies where you least expect them

12-12-2011 | Triodos Sustainability Research excludes many companies from potential investment because they don’t meet our minimum standards. There are often predictable outcomes, but sometimes even we are surprised.  Read more

H&M and controversies: it’s all about the company‘s responses?

12-12-2011 | Swedish clothing giant Hennes & Mauritz makes and sells affordable fashion produced in low-wage countries. The company often faces criticism on labour standards and on its impact on the environment. So why then does Triodos invest in H&M?  Read more

Eco-efficient chemicals – myth or reality?

13-09-2011 | Can chemical companies really be sustainable? Triodos Bank thinks they can. Some stand out for their commitment to make things cleaner, better and with less impact on the environment and human health. AkzoNobel has recently been added to the Triodos Sustainable Investment Universe.  Read more

Sign AkzoNobel

Mission Zero: Mission Possible?

13-09-2011 | How far can a company go? Interface Flooring wants to go the furthest. Mission Zero is the promise of interior flooring manufacturer Interface to completely eliminate its negative environmental impacts by 2020. Is it on track?  Read more


Excellence in solar energy

13-09-2011 | Solar energy is a reliable and environmentally friendly energy source. Solar panel production is an exciting industry full of innovative technology. First Solar recently achieved a new world record and is leading the way.  Read more

First Solar

Cradle to cradle in the office

13-09-2011 | Steelcase was the first company to receive cradle to cradle (C2C) certification for an office furniture product. Why is this important?  Read more


Investing in a cleaner energy society

06-06-2011 | Climate change and the world’s energy crisis must remain at the centre of public debate. A clean and low-carbon energy society is critical to combatting both issues. This means coal-fired power and mining of tar sands are not the way to go.  Read more

E-waste: a growing concern

06-06-2011 | Electronic and electrical equipment waste (e-waste) is the world’s fastest growing type of waste stream. It includes rare earths and metals and hazardous substances that can cause health and environmental risks when their discard is not managed and monitored appropriately.  Read more

Triodos and the nuclear debate

06-06-2011 | Nuclear power is often presented as a solution to climate change and as a way to relieve the increasing dependence on oil and gas delivery. Following the disaster in Japan, nuclear power safety is back on the agenda.  Read more

The double-edged sword of telecommunications

06-06-2011 | Communication technologies provide an opportunity for improved education and democracy. However it can also be used to censor, monitor and trace individual users. In the hands of repressive governments this technology can be used to facilitate human rights abuses. Triodos Bank therefore carefully monitors the behaviour of communication companies on their involvement in such human rights abuses.  Read more

Publishing, paper and deforestation

08-03-2011 | More and more publishing companies – such as Reed Elsevier – are purchasing paper from sustainable sources. Wolters Kluwer, formerly a sustainability frontrunner, has fallen behind in terms of paper sourcing. Engagement efforts have proven unsuccessful and the company has been removed from the Triodos sustainable investment universe.  Read more

Making our voice heard

08-03-2011 | By voting at and attending Annual General Meetings (AGMs), we challenge the companies we invest in to constantly improve their sustainability performance. Proxy voting is a clear and efficient way to make our voice heard. In 2010, we voted on ballots for 100 company meetings.  Read more

Southern Europe provides a pleasant surprise

08-03-2011 | Triodos Research recently selected five Southern European banks for inclusion in its sustainable investment universe. It is rare that so many financial institutions in a study demonstrate the transparency and good practice required to meet Triodos requirements regarding arms.  Read more

Danisco dialogue

14-12-2010 | Triodos Sustainability Research and Danisco discuss animal trials in the feed industry and Triodos Bank requirements for animal testing. Danisco of Denmark is one of the world’s largest food and feed ingredients companies. The company considers itself to be a sustainability leader, helping to transform the food industry. In line with its transparent and open company culture, the company invited Triodos Sustainability Research to a teleconference to explain its position on animal testing and to better understand our requirements.  Read more

Sustainable Food Pioneers

14-12-2010 | From organic coffee and fruit juice to teething biscuits and burritos, Triodos Sustainability Research has discovered a number of smaller, specialised sustainability leaders in the food and restaurant industry. Food is part of our daily life and crucial to our health. However, the last century has seen a number of controversial developments in the food industry, such as genetic engineering, poor animal welfare standards and the extensive use of antibiotics. We are very pleased to find food companies that take a different route and share Triodos Bank’s values regarding food and agriculture, such as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Hain Celestial and Wessanen.  Read more

Animal welfare in factory farming

14-12-2010 | How can large cap food companies ensure animal welfare in their supply chains? Triodos Bank believes that companies should do much more in this respect. Since its earliest days, Triodos Bank has financed the entire organic food chain, from producers and processors to retailers and restaurants. Triodos believes that organic agriculture, including the meat and dairy industry, is the only systematic approach to agriculture that is sustainable in all respects. Factory farming, the raising of livestock in confinement and at high density, is a system whereby a farm operates as a factory and is at the opposite end of the farming spectrum. Factory farming’s main products are meat, dairy products and eggs.  Read more

Sustainability concerns in the food chain

14-12-2010 | Triodos Sustainability Research faces the considerable challenge of finding large cap, multinational food companies that meet our investment criteria. Triodos Sustainability Research is currently looking at large, multinational companies in the food products industry. Like all companies we research, these companies are judged on their efforts to improve environmental performance, uphold social standards and follow ethical considerations. Although research is still ongoing, we face a big dilemma because none of the companies seem to meet all of our investment criteria. Food is an important basic need, but the food and agriculture industry is also closely linked to a wide range of sustainability issues. In order to become eligible for investment by Triodos Bank, food companies are required to meet a number of social, environmental and ethical requirements.  Read more

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