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Hivos-Triodos Fund equity investor in EcoEnterprises Fund II

29-03-2012 | Hivos-Triodos Fund is among the founding shareholders of EcoEnterpises Fund II, launched by The Nature Conservancy. This fund targets sustainable small and medium-sized businesses that are committed to sound environmental and social practices in their operations and at the next stage of business growth. The fund will finance companies in Central America, Mexico, the Northern Andes and the Amazon Basin in Latin America. Targeted sectors are sustainable agriculture, sustainable forestry, non-timber forest products and ecotourism.

Sustainable use of natural resources

‘This investment fits very well with the strategy that Hivos-Triodos Fund has set out for the coming five years, namely to finance broad sustainable development in developing countries, with a focus on sustainable agriculture and renewable energy’, says Willem Enklaar, Fund Manager Hivos-Triodos Fund. ‘We are delighted to partner with an experienced investment manager that has already built up a strong network and track record in financing small and medium-sized enterprises that are focused on the sustainable use of natural resource. With its experience in EcoEnterprises Fund I, the fund management team also benefits from a well-developed system for evaluating and monitoring the environmental and social performance of its investees.’

More information: www.ecoenterprisesfund

About Hivos-Triodos Fund

Hivos-Triodos Fund Foundation (Hivos-Triodos Fund) was founded in 1994 as a partnership between Triodos Bank and Hivos. Hivos-Triodos Fund invests in microfinance institutions with a higher risk profile and which are active in underdeveloped markets that focus their services on vulnerable target groups. Building on the specific knowledge and experience present in Hivos and in Triodos Bank, Hivos-Triodos Fund has reserved funds for financing broad sustainable development in developing countries in the coming years. The focus will primarily be on sustainable energy and agriculture. Total assets amount to EUR 68 million at year-end 2011.

Hivos-Triodos Fund invests in EcoEnterprises Fund II

Know where your money goes

Know where your money goes