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All our latest press releases, our views on sustainable finance, and our role as an impact investor

For journalists or anyone with an interest in Triodos Investment Management, our role as impact investor, and our views on the issues that matter most.

Press releases

For journalists or anyone with an interest in Triodos Investment Management, our role as impact investor, and our views on the issues that matter most.

Triodos Investment Management publishes its 2016 Impact Reports

28-06-2017 | How impact investing made a difference in 2016  Read more

Impact reports 2016

Triodos Vastgoedfonds announces share issue

15-06-2017 | The fund plans to launch a fixed price offering of up to 11,463,182 newly issued ordinary shares  Read more

Newsletter Triodos Research

Note: The issues explored in this article are specifically relevant to sustainable investments on the stock market. Triodos Bank believes that our Socially Responsible Investment funds are a powerful means of promoting our values and working for greater sustainability, while enabling us to offer a complete range of attractive investment options to clients that choose to invest on the stock market.

Our agenda for 2017

12-04-2017 | Engagement and dialogue strengthen a company’s insight into those issues that are important to shareholders, thus adding to a company’s ability for long-term value creation. In 2017, we will focus on several topics, among which living wage and board diversity. We will also continue our efforts on climate change.  Read more

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Top 5 engagement topics

12-04-2017 | Each year we define a number of topics that we find important and on which we want to engage with companies in order to influence company performance.  Read more

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Newsletter Triodos Emerging Markets

The articles below highlight our recent activities as an investor in Emerging Markets. If you would like to receive a regular update on our Emerging Markets activities, please register now to receive our free Triodos Emerging Markets e-zine.

Major agricultural lenders affirm shared environmental and social principles

06-02-2017 | Members of the Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF), including Triodos Investment Management, have formally adopted a set of jointly developed environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.  Read more

Our expertise in Sustainable Trade

Combined forces to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals in El Salvador

31-01-2017 | Triodos Microfinance Fund and Triodos Fair Share Fund participated in a USD 90 million syndicated senior debt facility to Fedecrédito in El Salvador.  Read more



Triodos SICAV I Sustainable Pioneer Fund wins ‘La Libre Belgique Award’

23-05-2017 | The fund received the award for best sustainable performance overall and for best sustainable performance among funds without any fossil fuel investment.  Read more

Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund

Triodos Organic Growth Fund invests in Dutch sustainable food & groceries retailer Marqt

15-05-2017 | Triodos Organic Growth Fund has acquired a minority stake in Dutch sustainable food & groceries retailer Marqt  Read more

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