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Our mission and expertise

A world leader in making money work for positive change

Triodos Investment Management is a globally recognised leader in impact investing. Our mission is to make money work for lasting positive and sustainable change. More specifically, our aim as an investor is to serve as a catalyst in the transition to an economy where planet and people come first.

Making the connection

We connect individual and institutional investors who want to change society with innovative entrepreneurs and sustainable businesses doing just that.

Our dual fields of expertise

Our expertise is built on two pillars:

  • Impact investment - offering investors opportunities to put their money directly into sustainable sectors ranging from microfinance and renewable energy, through organic food & agriculture, to cultural institutions and sustainable real estate.
  • Socially responsible investments - your chance to invest in listed companies that deliver the best sustainability performance (ESG). 

Impact Investments

Invest with impact in a wide range of sustainable sectors. We invest in these sectors. 

Energy & Climate

Triodos Investment Management has over 20 years experience of investing in renewable energy. This makes Triodos Investment Management the partner of choice for many investors and renewable energy entrepreneurs. For a transition from a carbon-based economy to a sustainable one, it's essential to reduce energy demand, to use energy as efficiently as possible, and to invest massively in renewable energy systems, while switching to low carbon fuels.

Emerging Markets / Inclusive Finance

We started investing in emerging markets in 1994, recognising that sustainable development was a global issue. Addressing inequality, exclusion and poverty worldwide is a crucial part of sustainable development. We have been applying our expertise in the microfinance and sustainable trade sectors to addressing these international challenges ever since.

Sustainable Food & Agriculture

Sustainable food and agriculture is one of the core sectors of Triodos Bank and key in the transition to a sustainable economy. We have built up our organic business over 30 years.

Arts & Culture

Arts and Culture play a vital role in strengthening an individual’s sense of engagement society, and promoting overall quality of life. We believe that the Arts and Culture sector has much to gain from broadening its financial base to include traditional bank finance, alongside funding from charitable sources.

Sustainable Real Estate

Triodos Investment Management has developed several innovative concepts to help stimulate sustainability in the real estate sector.

Socially Responsible Investments

Invest in listed companies that are thoroughly screened on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. 

Triodos Research is responsible for keeping us up to date with the latest thinking on sustainability issues. It also monitors legislative and regulatory developments, and ensures that our selection process is based on the most relevant and reliable information available. Read more .